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american idol talk below, ignore at will

I usually save my American Idol talk for over here, but I have to bring it here today.

Are there really people out there who claim to be stunned that votes can somehow be rigged or a reality tv show can be fixed? Yea, I vote every week, but I suffer no delusions that the results aren't somehow skewed to get the best possible final match up that will garner the most possible ratings.

Looking at the official AI boards, I'm taken aback about how many people invest their hearts and souls into various contestants. I don't know why it shocks me that some people are ready to either commit suicide or burn down the Fox building today, but it does. Even when I was in love with Leif Garrett - at the age of ten, I think - I never put so much of myself into idolizing him that my world would have fallen apart if his tv show went off the air.

Some of the people on these boards are grown, adult women. It's frightening. They are talking to him as if he actually goes to the boards and reads all the messages. Honestly, if he saw some of the stuff written there, he would fear for his life. Some of these people are not beyond sneaking into his house at night to cut off a lock of his hair.

I don't like Constantine and I'm glad he's gone (especially since he pulled the last straw on Tuesday - the only thing worse than Nickelback is Constantine doing Nickelback) but there are at least two contestants that, if the people voted on talent and the votes actually counted - should have been gone before Constantine. All this time I waited for this psuedo-rocker to get voted off, and now it's kind of anti-climatic because Jabba the Scott is still on board.

And why is Scott still there? This is why. That's just one of the pitfalls of having a reality show where the public votes. Things like this will happen. Is it fair? No. Is it legal? I'm sure there are no laws on the books regarding things like voting for ugly, mean, talentless hacks on reality shows.

I do think that this sounds a death knell for American Idol as we know it. Between LaToya and Jennifer (and to a lesser extent, Diana) getting voted off last year and Scott and Anthony staying in the running this year when they should have been gone long ago, a lot of fans are getting frustrated. Look for some new voting rules for next season, possibly a whole new format. Also, I predict Paula will be gone. This whole season has been like watching a train wreck with her. I don't know what she's on, but her behavior on the show has been so ridiculous that I cringe when she comes on screen. How can she not be embarrassed for herself? And after last night, with her crying those huge, snotty tears over Constantine, she has to be gone. She's a judge for chrissakes. Judges don't cry when contestants leave. Unless, of course, they have developed an unhealthy crush on them and/or having been sucking their dicks in the hotel room after the show.

Sorry. Anyhow, to recap: Face reality that the show can and probably is fixed; suck it up as far as the internet move to have Scotty the Body crowned American Idol because there's nothing you can do about it; get over Constantine because he doesn't really care about you or your poetry or your desire to run your fingers through his hair as you console him; and get ready to see a complete overhaul of the show for next season. If there is a next season. I suspect this was a jump the shark moment for AI.


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Leif Garrett had a TV show??

Ok, maybe it was Bobby Sherman. Same point!

And don't forget, he played the part of Jimmy Tyler in the CHiPS episodes "Roller Disco: Part 1 and 2"

Maybe we'll see a return to the "Applaus-o-meter" method of determining popularity, with a carefully-picked studio audience (no filling the seats with friends and relatives).

I don't know....I don't see how the show can avoid the votefortheworst.com segment of our society. It's a shame for those who truly had talent this season - they got screwed.

This is all blowback from making William Hung a star.

Living in Northern Ohio let's me watch the local affiliate's news coverage of Scott's performances (since I can't bring myself to watch the show aat all), and of course they think he's the greatest thing since, well, all that extra sliced bread he's been eating.

Anyway, there was a column in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (I can email the link - it's long and I don't want to over-reach the comment page) after his Tuesday performance, and the guitarist for the Dead Boys, Jimmy Zero gave this review, which for some reason, gave me a hearty laugh:

Dead Boy guitarist Jimmy Zero:

"The glitzy series came to an astonishing finale when an enormous herd of ravenous peccaries invaded the stage. Scott was just reaching the de rigueur crescendo of a tear-jerking song when tragedy struck. His singing suddenly turned to screams of terror as the snarling pigs devoured the unlucky contestant in a mere matter of seconds."

A short bio of the Dead Boys can be found at:

And I can't believe I wrote that much about AI...


Thank you for that Unk Frank. Best thing I read all day.

Leif is our age, Michele, it MUST have been Bobby Sherman.

I think when the CHiPs episode came on, I commented, "It's really sad for a celebrity to play the part of a celebrity that's actually more famous than you are in real life."

i suspect you're right about the shark jumping.

But an even better example of AI being rigged is Clay/Ruben. I live near Clay's hometown, and you can't believe the number of people from around here who couldn't get through to call in that night and/or later found out their votes didn't count because they had "dialed a wrong #" As if. RIGGED.

Leif also played Felix Unger's son in an episode or two of the 'Odd Couple.'

totally off topic.............

The Smoking Gun is reporting that Bo was busted for cocaine possession a few years back...I got the heads-up from Fark.

On TWoP, the AI finals crashes the forum every year. When Clay "lost", the boards were down for like two days.

It's insane.

Nadia & Mario were the only interesting ones this year. Note today's Smoking Gun about Bo Bice's cocaine rap: I'm convinced these regularly scheduled 'revelations' are leaked by Idol to drive up ratings.

Paula's bizarre behavior is the only reason to watch that show. Wondering what that crazy bizatch will do/say next is the only amusing thing about the program.

Keep Paula! In fact, next year, add Nicole Ritchie to the mix. I understand she may be out of a gig since she and Paris had that falling out. She could just ape Paris' act and say "that's hot." to every lame "performance".

And I also cannot believe I typed this much about AI. I must be reading "thesuperficial.com" too much.

Lief Garrett was also Kristy McNicol's love interest on "Family" for a while.

According to the cover of People magazine, she's had a lot of surgery and has been on a lot of medication. That's forgivable...putting her in front of the cameras when she's loaded is not.

If college kids can organize to Vote for the Worst, then fans can certainly organize to vote for their choice.

What's weird is that there seems to be more interest in skewing the vote than there is in getting the votes out for the ones people like.

That's the sound of it jumping the shark and landing in the ocean.

For me...it was Mrs. Garrett from "Different Strokes" and "The Fact of Life." She was hot!

Okay...so I'm joking.

Scott isn't going to win. It's going to be Carrie, however...Scott does have some talent. It doesn't mean I like him. I actually can't stand his vibrato. He sounds alot like Aaron Neville.

Jeez, I wouldn't worry about Clay. He's doing very well for himself.

Still, that kinda sucked. Especially as my brother-in-law is a high school buddy of Clay's and got to go to one of the last AI shows. If Clay had won, I bet my bil would have gotten to go to a kickass party. And taken some interesting photos.

Oh well.

Okay, I'm about to expose myself for the total geek that I am. In the mid-70's Leif starred in a show called Three for the Road. It lasted for about 6 months and I was heartbroken when it went off the air. A year or so later I then switched my devotion to Shaun Cassidy and the Hardy Boys Mysteries which also went off the air fairly quickly.

However, in neither case was I ready to off myself when they were cancelled.

Ruben's victory over Clay was most likely not the result of a conspiracy but of both phone lines being jammed to capacity during the voting period. When this happens, who gets the most votes is just a matter of statistical luck.

I have always hated that Idol allows an unlimited number of votes per phone line. This is why I don't even bother to vote myself. Unlike teens and college kids, I don't have two hours to spare hitting my speed dialer, and I can't compete with those who do.

This silly voting scheme is now coming back to bite them. I would get a perverse sense of glee if Scott actually won and Simon got stuck with trying to market him as a pop idol.

Hello guys,

Our show is under attack because of that website telling people to vote for the worst. There is a way we can counter it TONIGHT but we must get the word out. Please go to www.stopvotefortheworst.com and tell everyone you know to do the same!!!!

Hey, when I went to read the votefortheworst website this week, it wouldn't load. Has it been "disappeared"? Is this another conspiracy??