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update on the album poll

I'm going to leave it up a while longer. I think Kid A may take the lead away from the White Stripes some time this afternoon.

In answer to emailed questions:

  • Radiohead's OK Computer was not on the poll because it's one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Gosh.
  • Weezer's Blue Album? Overrated? Are you serious? Get off my website, dorkass.
  • Stop asking me about stupid albums. This isn't the Dumbest Album Ever Made By A Good Band poll. It's the OVERRATED poll. Which means an extraordinary amount of people had to actually think the album was born of jesus or something. No one thinks Use Your Illusion was a masterpiece. That's why it's not in the poll.

Interesting discussion of The Wall post over here.

Which overrated album should I write about next? I could do Hotel California, Bat out of Hell, Nevermind or something not even on the list that may be overrated (as long as I also think it's overrated, so stop it with the OK Computer already).


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I'm thinking "Nevermind"

Um, bad link, Michele. Extra 'h' in 'http'.

ed note: thanks, fixed

Sorry, but I just cannot fathom why anybody would think 'Sgt Pepper's' was an overrated album. It's an absolute classic.

"Bat Out of Hell" has my personal emo song from 1977. I waaaaant you... I neeeeed you...

God I was pathetic. (Stop giggling, dorkbrain.)

Hotel California would make for good discussion.

What's neat about this is that we have to spell out what makes an album "good" or "overrated". Normally, I just like or dislike an album without thinking why.

Another suggestion (not on the poll) would be Born to Run, but I don't want you to be subjected to death threats from The Boss Faithful.

Hmmm, just from what I've read: Solonor is funny, intelligent and a liberal... Two out of three ain't bad.

I agree with Slartibartfast, I think Hotel California should be the next one.

'cuz there ain't no coupe de ville hidin' in the bottom of a Cracker Jack box...


Radiohead? That's some sort of musical group, right?

I bet Slayer could take 'em, without even using weapons.

I've met people who think that Use Your Illusion was a masterpiece.

Never bothered to listen to it/them. That wretched song from G&R Lies saw to that.

Love Bat Out Of Hell. But I am unduly influenced by Rocky Horror.

How about "Red Octopus" by Jefferson Starship?

Bat Out of Hell. It has to be.

Its biggest hit song, "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" is only really any good because it was funny the first few times you heard it. Now it's played at every wedding (at least white person's wedding) and the DJs vamp it up and have the girls sing the girl parts and the boy sing the boy parts and I just want to barf.

Everything else is so over-vamped and kitschy... and let's face it, Meat Loaf is a good singer. The standout performance is Ellen Foley, who does the female vocals, and no one even knows who the hell she was (interesting trivia tho: she played the District Attorney on Night Court its first two seasons, and was replaced by Markie Post).

The thing is something like quadruple quintuple doubleplus ultra-platinum. Last I read, it was over 13 million copies sold so far. Why? Why? Why??? It belongs on the novelty records stand, something kind of cute you drag out once in a great while. Yet it's perpetually on the top 100 all-time best selling rock albums.

Someone made a deal with Satan to make that happen, I'm sure of t.

That should have been: "...and let's face it, Meat Loaf is a good singer, NOT A GREAT ONE."

The album I wanted to see on teh list was The Who's Tommy. I mean seriously. Have you ever tried to really listen to it? Besides having some of the most ridiculous lyrics ever, there just aren't a lot of catchy meldodies or great riffs on it. Not like Who's Next or Quadrophenia. Plus it's a Rock Opera, which makes it an automatic contender.

The Wall absolutely...what a piece of crap to have followed Dark Side of the Moon.