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Because both my bosses are on vacation and I'm feeling unappreciated

Happy Secretary's Day Administrative Professional Day to me
Happy Secretary's Day Administrative Professional Day to me
Happy Secretary's Day Administrative Professional Day to meeeeee
Happy Secretary's Day Administrative Professional Day to me

Thank you. I'll be here all day.


According to Hallmark, it's Administrative Professional Day. But there's no way to fit that in a song.

But it sounds like you're having a 16 Candles day. Both bosses on vacation? No card, no flowers? SOMEBODY needs to update their calendars!

Anyway, happy secretaries day!

Hey, it's Administrative Assistants Day, not Secretary's Day! How can you be so callous and insensitive to the people who don't want to be called secretary?

You're really an AA? Didn't realize that.

Somehow, I don't think that this vacation was coincidental. Those punks.

It gets worse:

Wednesday, April 27 is Administrative Professionals Day. Take the time to make it special — and you just might make their day. With ideas like these:
  • Think Outside the Agenda: Put an afternoon meeting on her calendar — a looooong meeting, say from 1:00 until 4:00 with a very relevant business topic that won't arouse suspicion. When she arrives, hand her an agenda that says "Take the afternoon off. Happy Administrative Professionals Day!"
  • Secret Service: Does he have a favorite coffee, tea, juice or soda? Surprise your administrative professional by serving his favorite when he arrives in the morning. (Preferably with a tasty selection of breakfast treats from your whole team.)
  • Card Them: Schedule an office-wide appreciation event, and present a scrapbook in which you have collected cards and/or notes of appreciation from everyone in the office.
  • Stress Management 101: There's a new way to spell relief at the office...M-A-S-S-A-G-E. Hire a masseuse to give chair massages and (literally) get rid of that pain in the neck.
  • Role Reversal: If you're the boss, offer to do a task on Administrative Professionals Day that you know your administrative staff would love to see you do. Deliver the mail. Sit and answer phones for an hour. Let them choose!
  • Redeeming Qualities: Offer a coupon book to administrative professionals that includes special offers they can take advantage of throughout the year. Offers might include taking a long lunch, leaving an hour early on a Friday, a gourmet coffee — or other things you know your administrative professionals enjoy.
Whatever you choose to do, make it thoughtful. Make it sincere. And you're guaranteed to make their day.

Or you could just friggin go on vacation!

As long as it wasn't sung to the tune of 'happy birthday', which is copyrighted and will get you sued.

I'm imagining it sung to the tune of 'Another Brick In The Wall', although I have to slur some syllables to wedge it into the metre. May as well be hung for a sheep...

actually, "happy birthday" is in the public domain. Go for it.

Do you happen to remember where I am supposed to be about now? Damn, this Alzheimer's! ... where's my pants?

that it. find out when Boss's Day is, and take a vacation day then.

why is there a Boss's Day, anyways? they make the big bucks - every day is their day! bastards.

Happy Secretaries' Day to you, too! It's our day and we'll call it what we want, dammit! One of my bosses is on vacation and the other is at a retreat. They are always gone on Secretaries Day and my birthday. But I'm on to them! I take vacation on Bosses' Day and their birthdays now.

Yep, vacation on Bosses' Day and their birthdays would seem to be in order.

Happy whatever-you-want-to-call-your-day day. ;-)

Hey, don't forget the trademark notice:

"Administrative Professionals Week" and "Administrative Professionals Day" are both registered trademarks owned by the International Association of Administrative Professionals. This means that the registered trademark symbol (®) should be used at least once in any document, publication, or electronic media in which these terms appear. Individuals or organizations outside of IAAP should also indicate that these terms are "Registered trademarks of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)."

The former names, Professional Secretaries Week® and Professional Secretaries Day® , are also trademarked terms owned by IAAP.

'Happy Birthday to You' is not in the public domain, but the tune it is based on is, and you can make up your own words. However, your flagrant violation of the trademarked properties of the IAAP is serious. It may get you smote (SMITED!) by God.

"We... are... dead... and... this... is... Hell!"

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"Secretary" is a hot film. Our receptionist here is the bomb schizzle.

my admin assistant has pulled my chestnuts out of the fire more times than I can count.

and even though she doesn't travel, she understands how to book trips with minimum pain.

she is gold.