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Game Face

The bi-weekly baseball picture thing.

0 for 3. Ground out, pop-up, hard line drive caught at first. But his team won, so everyone's happy.


At least he didn't strike out looking. When I played little league that would be penalized by having to run laps after the game. Talk about humiliating. Other things that resulted in laps:
-catching ball with one hand
-throwing bat
-not showing team spirit (by not "chattering" or not saying "thats OK, shake it off" when a team-mate goofs.
-arriving in a dirty uniform
-not running to first base when walked
-not running laps quickly enough resulted in more laps.
On top of all that, we weren't allowed to drink anything during the game because the coaches feared "cramps".
Oh well, I guess it builds character.

A-Hole picked up his slack...in spades.

Nice extension on the foul ball. I know you're very proud.

My boy (8) is more in mold of John Kruk, although he has been thinning out a bit lately. His love is baseball, even if he's built for football.

He is a lefty, though. Next year we'll learn if he can pitch.

Last night my 8 yr old, who is a baseball FANATIC, gets up to bat. We are down by 2. It's the end of the game. 2 men on base. Strike, ball, Strike, ball. Last pitch. I AM DYING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAM!!!!!!! Line drive through the outfield. We win by 1.

Now THAT is baseball baby!

P.S. (and unrelated to baseball) Could you give online lessons for "those" who need it to not give a crap what other people say? Just wondering. (Men are sooo sensitive, don't cha think???)