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Overrated Albums I: The Poll

[I put the poll below the fold because it was killing the load time on the page.]

Vote early, vote often. Tomorrow, I'll give my reasons for voting the way I will.


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Damn, the fucking Pendergast machine must be pushing for London Calling.

What? No Faith No More Albums?


Slart, every day you come a bit closer to:

Can't we include "use your illusion" both red and blue albums?

Seriously, these albums sucked.

Rob, those weren't overrated. Everyone knew they sucked.

It saddens me to see one of my favorite albums, The Wall, on the list. I will admit, however, that if it had been a single album instead of a double it would be perfect rather than just very good.

I can't believe the backlash against London Calling. With the possible exception of the mildly annoying "Train in Vain," just about every track on the album cooks. Definitely a desert island disc.

Thanks Michele, I thought that it might have just been me.

It pained me as a Beatles fan to vote for Sgt Pepper but it has made too many lists as the greatest album of all times. It isn't. Its not even in the Beatles top five (or seven).

Oh yes it is.

I voted for that Meat Loaf album- god, what a bunch of overheated, overwrought crap that record was. I love Todd Rundgren like no man should, but not even his producer credit could conduce me into picking it up.

Argh. I seem to be dyslexic today. That should be INDUCE.

They all sucked. Radio Head more than the others though. At least the other bands were semi-famous.

I had to vote for the Clash - I swear, I had more friends that loved that album. I couldn't even listen to one song. I had always thought it was just me.

I'm with Adam. WTF about "London Calling" is drawing the ire? Jann Wenner's rag may have over-hyped it with the "Album of the Decade" crap, but those discs were a solid collection of songs.

The "winner" should be Nevermind. The Seattle scene "happened" earlier and better when it was called Minneapolis, but the gods of MTV never came a-calling.

The most odious album on the list is Bat out of Hell, but I couldn't bring myself to vote for it. There's no one I respect who considers it anything but cheeze.

If London Calling is declared by ASV to be the most overrated album of all time, you will have lost all credibility and your reputation will be tarnished. Not to mention the fact that you will be smote (SMOTE!) by God.

Seriously, wtf??

anyway, I DID vote for FCA - even though Mr Frampton is a part-time neighbor.

Solly: It's "smited."
Since you're a feckless Fenway fuckwit I'll give you a pass on that one.

I also must weigh in in favor of London Calling. How in the world can anyone consider it to be overrated. Virtually every song just rocked, it was a leading light of the era, and it was one of the few efforts to hold back the wave of drek that threatened to engulf us back at the time. Knocking the Clash and their contribution is like saying the Gipper had nothing to do with the fall of communism.

If London Calling is declared the victor, she'll just blame it on her readers anyway. She's like that. Truly a sad day is upon us when a blogger can't control her commenters.

And smite my shiny metal ass, TC!

From the perspective of those of us not auditioning for "High Fidelty 2", the Clash are "those guys who did 'Rock the Casbah'". Really.

You didn't ask me but:
Most over-rated movie:Gone With the Wind
President: Kennedy
Poet: TS Eliot
Game Show:Wheel of Fortune
Sitcom: I Love Lucy
City: Los Angeles
River: Amazon
Director:Spike Lee
Color: Blue
Height(male): 6'2"
Actress: Julia Roberts
Decoration: wall sconces
programming language: Java
team: Yankees

team: Yankees
somebody just jumped in front of me in the ban queue.

Practically pole vaulted. ;)

He dissed the Yankees, James Joyce and the Amazon River.

He said the Yankees are overrated? Oh come on, that's ridiculous.

I mean, come on; people are expecting them to win what -- 60 games this year?

(I know -- just wanted to see the sign again)

He dissed the Yankees, James Joyce and the Amazon River.

Don't forget the wall sconces. The sconces demand retribution.

I've been saying this for years, but I'm gonna say it again: I fucking hate the White Stripes. I'd rather listen to Clay Aiken, and I want to punch that little doofus in the mouth. :)

Anyone who votes against London Calling just isn't human...

Hey, michele, chill a bit. "Ulysses" is a pile of pretentious hornswaggle. I'm a stone mick, and that book is the shite! Ask any BA English to explain what exactly makes it so bloody brilliant.

"Because it's damn near fucking Chinese in its inscrutably dense and daft structure and language, so obviously Joyce is brilliant."

Feh. He was drunk, and pulled the greatest chain in letters an author ever yanked.

Just for the record, here are the Beatles albums that are better than "Sgt. Pepper," in no particular order.

Rubber Soul
Beatles VI
Yesterday and Today
Magical Mystery Tour
The White Album
Abbey Road

And don't give me any crap about Magical Mystery Tour. Yes, there was dreck on it, but there was dreck on Sgt. Pepper, too.

Count me in on the "I don't get it" club for London Calling. The album smokes, and one of the best things about it is that almost nothing on it's overplayed (I said almost).

Also, all you people who did not vote for The Wall are probably Scott Savol fans.

I guess JimK has had an epileptic reaction to the Submit Vote button when selecting The White Stripes.

I can't consider The Clash, The White Stripes, Radiohead or The Sex Pistols overrated unless they get overplayed on the airwaves. The others, however...

To CraigC's list of Beatles albums better than Sgt. Pepper I would add A Hard Days Night and Help. If Hey Jude was an official album and not just a collection of singles that never appeared on an album I would add that as well.

Can't stand Pink Floyd, never could stand Pink Floyd, never will be able to stand Pink Floyd.

Who the hell is "White Stripes?" How can their record be overated if I've never even heard of it? Is it overrated because it sucks, like Frampton? Or because it you want to kill your radio, like Hotel California?

Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 are good albums, just could have been 1 great album

Damn, I was hoping there would be at least one Bob Dylan album on the list.

As it is, though, I have to go with the White Stripes. Being too young to have experienced the media hype during the release of most of these albums, I can only say that I've never seen as much unwarranted hoopla for an album as there was with Elephant. The whole appeal of the White Stripes seems to be that they may or may not be siblings/married and the fact that they don't employ a bass player. How innovative! And they always wear red!

Jack White is a good songwriter, but he's not as brilliant and unique as Rolling Stone keeps telling me he is.

Elephant doesn't suck. The Yankees suck. And the Knickerbockers. And the Metrostars too!