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random camera phone picture

Mannequin at Sketchers store, Roosevelt Field Mall.

I also have my first fashion(s) victim up at Inappropriately Dressed.


What is it with fat chicks who wear tight clothes? The other day I saw one wearing skin-tight jeans and a MIDRIFF shirt, with a big old roll of fat hanging over her waist. I was thinking, "Jesus, woman, don't you have a fucking mirror at home??"

That mannequin looks like something out of a classic Twilight Zone episode. I can't recall the title but it illustrated "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder." Actually that might have been the title

Nah, it's Nicholson as the Joker in "Batman"

That is rather alarming.

Scary. That's like nightmare scary. Right up there with the Poltergeist tree.

I'm suddenly reminded of my first girlfriend in college . . .

Sis? Sis???? Dat you??? I warned you about using the drunk, cross-eyed plastic surgeon working out of the rusted Chevy van behind the 7-11 who advertised on the toilet paper rolls...


I'd say "score! a direct hit!" with your first pic submission...

I'm with SarahW and DragonLady. This is serious nightmare fodder...almost as bad as a clown.

Maybe I just have a filthy mind, but that thing is a dead ringer for Will Ferrel's blow-up doll in Old School.

What the fuck is that thing?!?

It's head style #103. Help me, mommy.

Oh my god, that's HER! Ok, clowns are no longer my biggest irrational fear.

freak me out.