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around the block

First, a PSA/sales pitch from one of my favorite blog crushes, Dr. Grosz: The good doctor is selling his car (that's Kathleen to you). It's not just any car. It's a classic, 1955 Ford Country Sedan which, if it could talk, would have amazing tales to tell, including being in A Beautiful Mind. Check out the auction here.


  • On this date in 1898, the U.S. declared war on Spain. Which is interesting in that today I have declared war on the humorless. I have also declared tomorrow, April 26, to be National Take the Stick Out Of Your Ass Day.
  • Remember Flesh for Lulu? I really liked that "I Go Crazy" song.

If you have any interesting links to share, leave them in the comments. I said interesting.

So, Sister Christian just came on the radio and my son yells out, "YEA, this song ROCKS!" It's the small things that make me so damn proud.


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have also declared tomorrow, April 26, to be National Take the Stick Out Of Your Ass Day.

Ok, I've given you the picture for this :)

Seems Gabe and Tycho (of Penny Arcade fame) had a falling out recently.

Woe, woe is the world when this dynamic duo can no longer see eye to eye.

And there are people who think that Penny Arcade is really coming to an end and Gabe and Tycho really hate each other.

If you were having a nasty feud with your co-worker, would you make a joint comic strip about it? Seriously, people. WHERE HAS ALL THE HUMOR GONE?

Owing to the fertilizer inherent in any given butt, would that eventually cause the stick to blossom...turning one into a blooming idiot?

Everyone's seen this cat hit the kid in the head,
maybe not the remix. After about a minute of relentless mental cat drumming I coughed up spit.

Ads for Cillit Bang! home cleaner were recently pulled in Britian, mostly b/c it dissolves into ruination any surface it is used on.

It's cheezy ads have been remixed into some scary house music.

I can die when I learn to make a flash like this

A link to Cillit Bang! that works works

I loved (and love) me some Flesh for Lulu. I think they reissued their catalog (all, um, two albums?) a while back and I do need to get around to buying it.

That pope picture is the funniest thing I have ever seen!

In all those old Ren and Stimpy cartoons, all he had was a drumstick on his head. I guess now he's gone over for rubber-love, Mr. Horse style.. .

I can guess where the drumstick has gone.

Ah, "Sister Christian," soundtrack to one of the greatest scenes in movie history, the one in "Boogie Nights" where they go to rip off the dealer, and the one guy keeps setting off firecrackers. Between the tension and the firecrackers, if that scene doesn't set your teeth on edge, you have no central nervous system.

I found a link for this who wish to observe tomorrow's festivities.

(Scroll to the right and click on the graphic for Dr Poolittle)

What the hell is going at Maxim? Bernie Blunt, his parrot's a cunt?

How the hell did I miss this?

That "fact" about Pinocchio is wrong. If anything, it's "pino" + "occhio", pine eyes. A few other statements on that page are also wrong.

I saw my first drag queens at a Flesh for Lulu/Gene Loves Jezebel concert... ah, the memories!

Michele: Those comics' origins are in "VIZ" magazine, the inspiration, nay salvation, of British public-schoolboys worldwide. ('Specially those of us from the Midlands and points north.)

As for what those comics are doing on Maxim's site, I have no idea. Probably singing the Newcastle-on-Tyne football anthem, gettin' piss droonk, an' stahtin' fights.

In April '99, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper came out during a Nitro with papers that he had gotten the President, Ric Flair, to sign without his knowledge. Piper used these papers to get Flair 'committed' to a mental hospital. Piper then used his Commissioner status to reinstate Randy Savage, among other things, before Flair's 'vicepresident', referee Charles Robinson, had him arrested and thrown out of the arena.

That is awesome. Almost enough to make me start a wrestling blog.