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random thought, jedi edition

I don't know what's come over me, but I'm actually looking forward to Revenge of the Sith.

Ohh, I know what happened. That was no run-of-the-mill alien anal probe last night. I bet George Lucas ate my soul for real this time.


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GL ate your soul for real? Did you cave?

At any rate, no matter how anguished one is over Episodes I and II, at least Revenge of the Sith should provide some closure.

It's not so much the closure I want so much as seeing how they tie things up so it all flows seamlessly into Ep 4.

You seen the leaked space battle footage that was floating around this weekend? Hot hot hot. Damn you George Lucas!

I'm really looking forward to at least the last 5 minutes, when the real Darth Vader (aka James Earl Jones) appears.

Might as well do it. Get drunk and hook up with the sadass, gone-to-seed ex one last time just to make sure it's really over.

And what if it rekindles the old flames? Before you know it I'll be wearing Yoda jammies and yelling "Give it to me Lord Vader!" during sex again.

It would be just like Lucas to come back for a good, hard fuck knowing damn well that there's no more where that came from.

Hopefully he used some lube...

all that's needed is some idiot live-blogging from a line outside some 24Plex.

"I'm camped outside the Starbucks which is next to the theater, it's cool because I can use their WiFi connection most of the time and check the web for copies of the script or gossip from the set .. man, this is going to be great! ... the only thing that sucks is another guy is dressed as Boba Fett, my costume's better but he's ahead of me in line so people think I ripped him off ... Mom's going to bring my Chewbacca costume tonight so I should stay warmer. But during the day, it's the Fett-man for me. ttfn'

What's with Lucas and furry critters in the final installment of his trilogies? First is was the friggen Ewoks. Now Sith is inhabited by an army of Wookies. The Wired that cam over the weekend has a nice gallery of Wookies. At least I'm confident that a Wookie could kick an Ewok's ass.

If this one doesn't suck, I'm willing to forgive much. Jar Jar Binks. Conning me into buying all those copies of the first three films on all that different media. Mark Hamill. The first two prequels. A George Lucas-scripted love story. You've got one shot at glory, big hairy guy. Otherwise you are doomed to hell for your many transgressions, and even ILM cannot save you. The question you have to ask yourself is, am I going to be your bitch, or are you going to be mine?

If the new one doesn't flow smoothly into the old ones, he can just alter the old ones even more so that it does.

I'm trying NOT to look forward to it, but failing. Please don't crush my hopes, George.

david wrote:
"If the new one doesn't flow smoothly into the old ones, he can just alter the old ones even more so that it does."

And a chill filled the room...!


As long as you remember the key Star Wars line about sex: "Try not. Do, or not do. There is no try."

Seriously, I can't help but be pumped for this, even if that involves, as Shaw said of second marriages, the triumph of hope over experience. There's too much dramatic potential, and too many ways for the movie to be entertaining as long as Lucas limited the Creeping Jar Jar-ism and stayed away from too much emphasis on the romance angle, which has always been his weak suit.

I broke the rules and actually went out to find and read the script for Episode III. I have to admit, I actually want to see this episode in the theaters.

Spoiler alert: Obi Wan Kenobi is actually also. . . BEN Kenobi.

I know. I was shocked too.

i already knew that, Ryan. if you look closely in Episode IV, in one of the scenes on Tattooine, you can see Owen grabbing a box of "Uncle Obi Wan's Rice" out of the cupboard.

Thanks guys. You just destroyed my life.

Next thing, you'll be telling me that some radio shows are scripted and that conservatives have no sense of humor.

Enough is enough.

K uR n0t gonna b3l13v3 th15:

4n4k1n is teh Vad0r!

That's it. You're all BANNED.

That's it. You're all BANNED.

(insert whining about freedom of speech here)

That's it. You're all BANNED.

Not if I DELINK you first! Ha, ha, tremble for I Am Blogger!

It's because I'm Jewish*, isn't it?

*Disclaimer: Not really.

I'll admit it. The trailer gave the fan boy in me a chubby (insert Wackop Jacko joke here).

I just want to see Palpatine go ape shit with a light saber without looking like freakin Kermit.


Dear God....what if Lucas found a way to insert Muppets in this?


No shame in looking forward to Episode III now. As a fellow fan who grew up watching Star Wars, no matter how many mediocre to bad movies he makes, we will always think of the original Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back as the real Star Wars. So whenever they trot out a new one, hope springs eternal.

Either that, or Lucas really does have a mind control ray. Where's Dennis Kucinich when you need a to borrow a tinfoil hat, anyway ?

It better be good - I'm flying down to South Carolina to see it with my brother. Seriously, it does look like it will actually be good. I've been saying it since I walked out of the theatre pissed off at the last one: "I think the last one is going to blow the first 2 away" (not a stretch really, but it helped ease the pain a little)

If you've a hankering for limbs being slashed off by lightsabers, this is going to be your movie...