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fun with camera phones

I knew I got a camera phone for a reason.

Please, put your hands together for a new group effort: Inappropriately Dressed.

Tired of seeing the underoos of dazzling young urbanites wherever you go? Find it hilarious when skeevy chicks wear miniskirts and stilettos to the zoo? Us, too.

This is the perfect time of year to start such an effort, too. The weather is turning warm and women and men are starting to get down to the bare essentials. Unfortunately, not all of them should be showing so much of themselves.

ID is calling for photos. If you've got a camera phone and spot a hideous dresser, check the left sidebar for info on sending your pics in.

I'm going to be like the Crocodile Hunter of fashion. Today I'm on the hunt women wearing high heels with sweat pants.

Update: The first reader contribution is up and it's a WINNER!


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Great idea!! I think I'll start my hunt as well..

As someone I dated a few years ago said regularly in regards to this subject: "Some people need to learn that just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it.

At my old job we actually had Fashion police arrest sheets (it was a jr's apparrel store). It was a shame that we couldn't hand themm out to customers. I also vote for the women who do the front of their hair, but neglect the rear of their head. Those, along with ass cleavage. Please say not to crack folks.

My personal favs are the guys whose pants are so large and low, that they have to hold them up as they walk. Saw just such a specimen the other day. I would have laughed, but I kinda live in the hood, and he might have been packing.

Fat girls in spandex! Or the ones with the belly roll pooching out of the mid-riff tee.


Be very careful, mate. The toothy sweat pantsed heeler can turn on you unexpectedly.

Going back into my memory banks of a NY DJ on WPLJ (for the life of me, I can't recall his name), bring on the naken legs of spring and summer!

No! No! That picture is NOT a winner! It is a nightmare made flesh and blood!

oh, yeah. i'm on this one.

shit, michele, you should have put "not safe before lunch" for that picture.

Guys who don't live on a StepMaster have no business getting near thongs. Jeez, my psyche is scarred for the rest of the day after that photo.

Gosh Michelle, you DO need a warning on these pics. TC's on the mark. I had just finished lunch and now I'm fighting to keep it down!

I'm reminded of Drew Carey's brilliant remark: "If you don't have a great body, cover it the f**k up."