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birthday girl

Happy Birthday, Bettie Page.

Sexiest woman EVER.

[Image from thebettiepage.com]


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ASV reminded me that Friday was perennial pinup queen Bettie Page's birthday! And she sure had a nice birthday suit. (NSFW) She retired from public life years ago, but virtually every pinup artist since has rendered a Bettie lookalike at [Read More]


I'll second that!

whoa bettie!


Now THAT'S a birthday I can get into!! What a great pic!

BTW, does anyone have a pic of Bettie wearing a Red Sox cap? 'cause that would be sweet.

Coincidentally, today is Earth Day.

On topic, that is the best pic I've seen of Bettie.

really, Shawn, there are no bad pictures of Bettie.

she's a bigger "icon" than Marilyn, as far as i'm concerned. plus, she was so damned hot...

really, Shawn, there are no bad pictures of Bettie.

Understood. It's all a matter of relativity. I like cherry pie more than apple pie, but all pies are pretty damn tasty.

mmmm pie

Let's hear it for brunettes!

What I find interesting about Bettie is how she could exude sheer sexuality from within. She didn't need any artificial implants or plastic surgery to enhance what she had naturally - and she worked it like there was no tomorrow.

I'd like to think that if she lived in this day and age, she wouldn't go for any surgical interference - that's what I call it, anyway. Most women don't know when to stop and end up looking like freaks.

Sexiest woman EVER.

Without a doubt.

I particularly love her bangs.

Is that a REAL whip?

You know what I just noticed? Bettie looks kind of like Milla Jovovich. Or vice versa, obviously. Just in the face.

Hey, I knew I shared a birthday with Jack Nicholson, but sharing with Bettie Page is even better (and I'm a blue eyed brunette too!).

Bettie does indeed rock...

Sexiest woman ever?? I think not.