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on the radio/picture phone question [updated]

I'll be appearing on Right Talk Radio with Bill Ardolino and Jeff Goldstein at 3pm today.

Topics: The state of political discourse; social cons vs. traditional conservatives; privacy rights vs. government regulatory functions; Atheist Americans; loose women.

Right. John Cole will also be appearing. My portion has already been taped. I'm betting that Mr. Cole doesn't get the line of questioning I did. And I'm thinking that "loose women" wasn't so much a topic as a hopeful description.

I'm calling this one Two Dicks and a Chick. Tune in. But not if you're near small children or anyone who has an aversion to the sound of a million beeeeeeeps.

And on completely unrelated topic - I just bought a Motorola phone, using Verizon service. It's a picture phone. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to send a picture to an email address. If anyone has a Motorola V265 picture phone and can walk me through this, that would be great. Because you really want to see my growing collection of "Girls? It may be warm out but that doesn't mean you have to waer a tube top and Daisy Dukes, especially since you've got rolls of fat hanging off your body" collection.*

*standard disclaimer: I don't care if you're hot and have a nice body and wear those clothes. And I don't care if you're fat. But those two things should never, ever meet.

Update: I got it to work! I think it just didn't like the gmail address. Thanks to Lisa for her help.

View from my desk (the cookies are for a co-worker's birthday)


I'm an avid listener. I shall tune in.

I have an ancestor of the phone you have, and I have also never been able to send a picture anywhere. Oh, sure, I've followed the directions and I have free wireless web minutes (technically... it's $4.99/mo for unlimited usage) and I can't send the pictures via e-mail... or to my wife, who has the exact same phone...

Seems kind of pointless, doesn't it.

I'm an avid fan of chunky women in skimpy clothes. I anxiously await your photos.

Can someone record the show and make it available to those of us who don't live near Gotham City?

Jim, it's an online radio show. I should have mentioned that, I guess. Just follow the link to Right Talk Radio.

I've got a V265. It's a nice phone, though the speakerphone isn't as good as on my last Motorola phone, it still does the job. First of all, I'm assuming you've taken a picture, right?

1. After taking the picture, hit STORE.
2. Hit the OK button to select SEND IN MESSAGE
3a. You have to use txt typing to enter the email address, but first you have to set up your phone for that. Hit the MENU key (three lines, top middle key).
3b. Select ENTRY MODE.
3c. Select PRIMARY.
3d. Start typing: For "B" hit the 2 key twice, for "z" hit the 9 key four times...txt typing mode.
3e. Hit the "1" key once for the @ sign, twice for the dot.
4. Hit OK, OK, SEND. You should have a screenshot of ASV in your email (I took a guess at the address) from my phone.

NOTE: Motorola phones also have an auto-complete feature; it may try to make the ".net" into ".network". Just use the sideways-right button to go to the end of the word and use the CLR key as a backspace. Good luck!

Doh! I figured that out AFTER I posted.

That's what I've been doing, yet neither of the pictures I tried to send came through. Yet yours just did.
I'm going to try this once more.

Dang, no speakers at work. Guess I will have to catch the show on the repeat.

If they repeat it this week. Last weeks was too "indecent."

In my experience, fat chicks just dress like that to show off all their tattoos.

What's this bull about being on the previously recorded segment on the show? Who do you think you are, Val Prieto?!

Dang, I had a whole bunch of inane/off topic/embarrassing questions to call in with too!

you have a microwave AND a Fridge in you office?!?!

Wadya keep in that thing, pounders of Guinness?

I'm totally freakin' jealous!

Good God, michele. You gave them a well-deserved FU! Congrats! See you on TF


Just heard the show. I truly hope it was a joke because I'd hate to really have you that pissed off at anyone!!!!

If that's the way they treat their friends, I don't want to see how they treat their enemies.

Nicely done.

THAT was supposed to be funny? Them mocking you out and you calling Jeff a Jew is funny?!

What am I missing...is this a performance art thing?

Nice anti-semitism, classless.

Nice ambush, dickless.

Shoot, wish the file would play right. It either keeps timing out, or the sound is so distorted I can't make anything out. And I'm on broadband, ffs.

Just because I haven't SHOWN it to you doesn't mean I'm DICKLESS, Michele.

Typically atheist response: if I can't see it, it ain't there. HEATHEN.

Hey, dont be puling me into this melee. Im just crazy Cuban from Miami.

Just because I haven't SHOWN it to you doesn't mean I'm DICKLESS, Michele.

Oh, I'm sure you have one, Jeff. I'm also pretty sure it's useless. Didn't you lose the Big Penis blog contest to Hewitt and Ace?

Well, Ace and Hugh kinda pulled their cocks together to make one giant SUPER CONSERVACOCK, so I hardly think that's a fair comparison.

Plus, I had part of mine chopped off at day 6. Which makes me a FILTHY JEW. And so naturally inferior.

Come on guys!!! Michele, I know you didn't realize Jeff was joking with you, but he WAS! You took it all wrong. He just wanted you to joke back about being an athiest. You could have even joked about the Jew thing, but you weren't joking and that was unacceptable.
Sorry it went that way though.

What are you f*cking kidding me? If anyone on the left had attacked anyone on the right for being a Christian they'd have a pile on so fast they couldn't see straight...but it's "okay" to attack the atheist?

Yeah Sparkle, you're a Texan alright...you can shovel it.

I don't think we attacked so much as we questioned the worldview, Timmer.

Once again, RWS leads the Goldstein sycophant parade.

Typically atheist response: if I can't see it, it ain't there. HEATHEN.

That is the funniest thing I have read all day.

Yeah, let's invite our friend on and "question" her worldview by mocking her out in front of all of our and her readers.

Michele's wrong...you're not a dick, you're a chode.

I'm in bloglove with Jeff Michele, everyone knows that....;-)

Timmer....simmer. They were fooling us.

Well, a chode has a certain heft, am I right?

So yeah, I can see that.

Actually, if you listen to the interview, it was Michele who was hostile from the get go. I don't think we were particularly mean: just curious.

And seriously, man. She's married. You're not going to win her over with this faux chivalric outrage. So climb down from your steed and relax.

It would never work, she's a speed-metal freak and I'm married too...already went through my infatuation period with her...sorry.

And you're just part of the problem Jeff...all the sites and bloggers I like are turning into complete dicks lately...like the right wing victory dance has turned on the perpetual disco ball..and that usually means I'm going into one of my dark periods and should probably stfu.

And people complain about MY swearing.

I almost believed that was a real fight - and you ALMOST got me, but no way would Michele be an anti-semite - so the ruse is up.

At age 6, geez Jeff, that's cutting it a little close don't you think?

It's worth pointing out that Michele is anti-semtex.

Pretty much her whole 'Bush '04' deal was about keeping Semtex laden people from assploding themselves near daycare centers, little league games, malls, and such.

Now that Bush is the Preznit, she's free to now wallow in buyer's remorse ... which doesn't make her pro-Semtex ... just forgetful.

No one gets me when I'm being ironic...I really do need to leave clues.

"What am I missing...is this a performance art thing?"

I see "performance art" and think somebody all in black with light bulbs on their joints, dancing to some far out ambient music. My bad.

Well, I was wearing black spandex pants. But I was daning to Bjork. My neighbor filmed the whole thing.

But vere is da munkey?

I should have caught it with Bill calling Michele a "heathen slut."

Like he would think that was a bad thing.....;-)


I hope you both are happy. Now do you know what happens when you don't believe in Jesus? All hell breaks loose in comment sections across the web!

P.S. - yes, the comment is meant to be in jest.

You cheeky bastards! That was classic. If you hadn't had the comments fight, I might - MIGHT - have seen the ruse - but "nice anti-Semitism, classless," and "nice ambush, dickless" and the ensuing melee got me thinking "Hm..."

You got me.

I'm confused.

Situation normal....

does anyone have a copy of this program? I can't get RWR to play anything but the current program.... which is boring.