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Be with you shortly, when I'll be writing about things like dildos, sex swings and children. Captured your attention, didn't it?

Meanwhile, Cartoon Fridge.

My work day will never be the same.

Update: It's gonna be a while until I get to the dildos. Too much work, too little time. But the Name the Pope thread is still going strong and if you need to laugh, go read the comments. Nearly peed myself this morning. PopeAkahn!!

In fact, I think you should all vote on your favorites so we can Photoshop the Pope in the right manner.

(I'm not going to hell because there's no such thing, so shush)


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That's gonna get shut down so fast...

I've always been agnostic, but I love Steve Martin's bit about, 'wouldn't it be crazy if you died and found out Hell really existed? "Hey, I don't mean to be rude, but they told me all this was bullshit in college."'

Ok, Michele... was it your referral that has crashed the cartoon-fridge link??


If it doesn't come back, can you clue us in?

Actually, were trying to mirror the data to a second server with about 100 megabits more bandwidth. And with 14,000 visitors today (125 or so from this site) it was going around 2k a second.

We'll be up in a few hours with a new mirror to help make sure everyone has equal access to toons.


Woot! Thank you, Peter!