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game night

Another win, another great game for the boy.

Hit. Score. Building.

Oh, AI blogging over here.


Great shot on pic #2.

Chele... In pic #3, is that the FAMOUS "Rats Ass" Building?

yer gonna have to esplain the building...the rest makes sense, but the ... WTF?

No explanation. They were the last three shots in the camera.

I agree great shot on # 2
(hmm? that sounds dirty)

That's my favorite part of sliding, when you legs start to drift out in front as your body starts tipping back...

The building is 90 Merrick Ave., right (not sure about the 90)? I used to work about a mile north of it, in another building you can see off of the Meadowbrook.

I think Reckson owns half of the Island at this point.

Yep, that's the one. Did you work in the oval-ish building behind Borrelli's? Used to be the Snapple building.

The one in the pic is right behind the little league field off of Merrick Ave.

Nah, I worked in the 1-800 Flowers.com building. I believe that they have the top 3 floors of it.

I remember when I found out that Wendy the Snapple Lady actually worked in that building, though.

Oh, that's farther down Merrick Ave. The LL field is over past Borrelli's, south of the turnpike.