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Guess the Antichrist!

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi is certianly a long shot (125-1) to win Pope Madness, but he looks to be the most interesting [Newsmax says his odds have dropped to 50-1, but it's Newsmax, so we'll say 100-1 and call it even]

Biffi told a conference meeting [in 2000] in Bologna that the Antichrist was a prominent philanthropist who advocated causes like human rights, the environment and ecumenicism.

Biffi said that this man who he never identified had a "fascinating personality" and espoused causes like vegetarianism, pacifism, environmentalism and animal rights.

Biffi added that this Antichrist would be a Bible expert who would discard its truths to prosletyze for "vague and fashionable spiritual values."

Who could it be, now?

My guess? Bono.


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who can it be now?

Men at Work?

I figured it I had that song stuck in my head, you all might as well suffer.

Maybe that makes me the Antichrist. Or at least a minion.

No, i think it's a man from Brussles that's 6 foot 4, full of muscles.

My snap answer to the question was "George Soros" but the second paragraph kinda knocks him out of the running.

How 'bout Kucinich?

Biblicly speaking, there is no AntiChrist, per se, as an individual. Neither is it, properly speaking, capitalised.

But, what the hell.

Paul McCartney it is.


Wait, wait, wait. The AntiChrist is supposed to champion human rights?

Boy sounds confused.

JPII fits most of the criteria, or fit them before he died.

"Vague and fashionable spiritual values"? Madonna, Dr. Andrew Weil, Billy Blanks.

"vegetarianism, pacifism, environmentalism and animal rights"? It's that damn Deepak Chopra dude.

John Lydon's gonna get pissed, destroy.

Nah, I agree with Bobcat Goldthwait -- Scott Baio. Definitely Scott Baio.

I think it's Peter Gabriel.

Well, everything I know about the Antichrist I learned from The Omen, so the guy has a 666 somewhere on his head. Does Bono or Peter Gabriel have enough hair to cover that?

At least we can eliminate Bruce Willis and Sting.

And that Midnight Oil guy, too.

Prince WIlliam.

David Hasselhoff


Antichrist will end religion, so we may be more concerned with caring for each other and the environment. This is what they are afraid of. It's not the Yang of Jesus, it's the opposite of christianity specifically, and religion in general. Once this cancer is removed, life will be so much easier for everyone. I could expound on why, but this is only a comment. Suffice it to say: no religion, far fewer wars.

SpongeBob SquarePants. Duh.

I just wish that I had a cool name like Giacomo Biffi.


Bono makes a lot of sense--dude hasnt aged in 20 years. Plus, who knows what he hides behind those shades.

Why the red demonic eyes of Hell-spawn of course!

I just think it would be spiffy to have a pope named Biffi.

Oh, I am SO sorry.

Tom Cruise.

You know, it would make perfect sense for the new Pope to be a Scientologist.

There are only 500,000 scientologists in America. 90% of them work in Hollywood. If Hollywood took over Catholicism, they would be rid of their main opponent. Then they would be free to make more subversive films that will tear at the moral fabric of America, destroy our families, turn our teenagers into sex zombies and eventually turn the entire population of the world into Satan worshippers who will gladly pay 20 bucks to see that latest movie about sex, drugs and rock and roll, in sensurround, of course.

The future is looking sweeeeet.

Ted Turner

Paul McCarteny was good for a laugh, but I think Ted Turner may be on the money. Creepy...

Mmmmmmmm. Sex zombies.

No one has mentioned Steve Jobs yet?

Sorry, but if there is no religion there will be more wars and death. There is no rational basis to believe that human life has any intrinsic value based on what we see here on earth. That is what allowed atheists like Communists to kill millions upon millions of peoples.

Shut the fuck up, Donny.

It's totally Dr Phil.

All these guesses and no one has said Bill Gates, yet. I'm surprised.

No, wait. Maybe you are all part of his evil plot!

Ted Turner?

Peter Gabriel was a great guess btw. The man oozes Satan :)

Except for the pacifism, it is a description of Hitler.

Except of the "Bibile expert" part, it sounded just like George Soros.

Hrm, I would've had to guess either Deepak Chopra or Richard Gere.

Gordon Lightfood maybe?

"The AntiChrist is supposed to champion human rights?"

Confused? Why? The feminists are supposed to champion women's right?


Glenn Beck thinks it is Jimmy Carter!

Beat me to it. Jimmah would be my pick, too.

His initials are just right.

Isn't the Antichrist supposed to wear a blue robe and have had some kind of head injury?

Janet Reno is the AntiChrist. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes!!

In the movie The Omen, little Anti- has 666 tatted on his head. JUST because it happened in the movies, doesn't make it gospel(haha). My vote has to goe with Sting(not the wrestler, though he would make a rockin antichrist!!). Sting the singer, ne' Gordon Sumner used to be a teacher, AND sings about"Murder by Numbers"...maybe those number are ...666?