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April 19th


My post from last year.

This is the end of innocence
Time Magazine OKC coverage
Official Oklahoma City Memorial site
National Parks Service OKC memorial site
Branches to Heaven
BBC archive
Youngest Bombing Survivor Moves Ahead With Life
Then and Now: Brian Espe
Ten Years Later
Murrah Building Tenth Anniversary - What I remember from April 19, 1995 - or start at the top and scroll down.
Ten years later


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Thank you for remembering our state once again. I will never forget about this nor the 9/11/01 terrorist attack of NYC.

What Tina said.

It's been 10 years, but I remember the sound of that bomb going off less than 10 miles away and the television imagery from that day like it was yesterday.

None of us who lived here then will ever forget that day, or the ensuing weeks. It is heartwarming that we can all support each other and pull together in the face of such an immense tragedy. It's just a little sad that such a calamity is required for it to happen, that people fuss and bicker so relentlessly when there is no obvious ongoing disaster...