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random photos

I'm busy and I have no dancing monkeys to keep you entertained (not that you don't get your entertainment in a million other places). Besides, if I keep doing posts like this, you'll be less shocked when, eight months and 13 days from now, ASV turns into a photoblog.


Golly gee! Is ASV pregnant? 8 months and 13 days seems like a long gestational period for a photoblog.

Would that I could now, instead of a lengthy gestation period, Lisa.

Baby? Really? Maybe?

First Robyn goes Photoblog. Now you?

Baby? Really? Maybe?

Good god, no. I tied those suckers up years ago.


Drew, like, all the cool kids are doing it.

"tied them suckers up"

This reminds me of my friend who tied and burned the tubes and STILL ended up pregnant with twins. Her hubby said that was obviously the night she swallowed. ewwwwwwww.

You have to admit, the time seemed to hint at such. Perhaps an immaculate conception. That would be a great miniseries, eh? ;-)

There are other things going on eight months and 13 days from now, you know.

8 months 13 days = either new years eve or new years day. I was never anygood at counting.