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some guys have all the luck...or not

So, yesterday went like this for DJ:

His guitar teacher praised him (worth a million dollars to him, seriously)
He had the baseball game of his life.
His report card came and he made the scholastic roll for the third quarter in a row.
He touched the Stanley Cup.
He met Islander LEGEND Bryan Trottier.

An amazing day for a twelve year old, no? Well, it all evens out. About one this morning, he started puking and didn't let up until early this afternoon. Right now, he's in bed with a 103 fever. He's having delirium dreams; a little while ago he was yelling something about getting the car fixed and needing $19.

Nat just reminded me that when DJ was five, he had a high fever and woke up from a dream screaming "The zookeeper has no legs!"

Now he's just asking if he's making up for all the good luck he had yesterday. Nah. Just the luck of the draw. Actually, judging from the rest of his symptoms, I think he got some bad junk food at the Coliseum last night. Which he thinks was totally worth this:

yes, there was some very hasty editing out of people in the photos



He's fixing the car in his nightmares? (There are worse nightmares though)

Best wishes, I hope he gets well real soon!

I'm glad he had such a good day!


I bet he caught something from Lord Stanley's Cup. That thing probably has every disease known to man and a few known only to goats, sheep, pigs, and cows. It's an incubator of all the ridiculous exploits of all the NFL Champions' excesses of however many years it has been since the last Cup disappeared.

Having a Ron Jeremy look-alike near it probably doesn't make it any less unsavory to the immune system, too.

he TOUCHED it?!!! now he'll never win it... good thing he plays baseball.

I couldn't even bring myself to touch it when I was at the Hall of Fame and I already know I'll never win it. (and I don't mean that in an 'I'm a girl' kinda way- just in a 'I'm 32, I have sketchy knees and I haven't been on skates for 15 years' way.)

That didn't stop me from posing Chocolate the Traveling Moose in it and snapping a pic, though!

Only one thing I don't understand -- how does the zookeeper feed the animals with no legs?

Note to self -- next trip to the zoo, check the cages for wheelchair ramps.

Congrats to Deej, but Trots was only a prince on those teams.
"Battlin' Billy" was King.

start walking around singing comfortably numb and leave a dead rat in his room - the kid'll be up in no time and shaivng off his nipples.

At least someone's getting to touch the cup this year. !! NHL!

I'll never forgive the Rangers for what they did to Trottier.

And all that puking is just the wrath of the hockey gods. See what happens when a layman touches the Stanley Cup?

ITS LISA'S FAULT !!!! oh, and why did you take Jo out?