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Short Simpsons Review

Most bizarre episode EVER.

I really don't know what to make of it. Was it good? Was it bad? I don't know, it was just so oddly put together. And the jokes were kind of weird. I mean, I laughed. But I also tilted my head a lot, like a cat straining to hear a really weird sound. The show was so on its way to redeeming itself the past few weeks and then this.

Shorter review: What the fuck was that? Ahh yes. The sound of the last gasp of a dying tv show. Weird.


See, this is why I haven't stepped outside the safe confines of Adult Swim in months.

Well, you've piqued my interest, but I'll have to wait for it here on the Left Coast.

Zero, I've got to do something until 11pm.

Actually, what you heard was the echo of a gasp that went up around 1998.

I keep missing them... Simpsons used to be the reason I went out late on Sundays.

Buzzbomb a Clutch reference??

Buzzbomb a Clutch reference??

Yes, I'm a New World Samurai

I'd give it thumbs down. Which after the brief resuscitation the other week made it even more disappointing.

I just kept wondering, "What were they going for with that?"

And then add in that they've done "Bart and Lisa's future" as a premise at least once before (the boyfriend says twice and he's the real fan in this house), and it just fell really flat.

michele: Understood. I have five kids. The last one goes to BED at 11pm, so until then it's DVR all the way.

Hey, it was worth it to hear Smithers say, "I love boobies!". Otherwise there weren't too many laugh-out-loud moments. Kinda sad, really.

Do you ever stick around for the show after The Simpsons? Arrested Development?

It's the most brilliant live action show ever, seriously. But you need to get ahold of the Season 1 dvd and watch it first.

Unfortunately it's rumored that tonight's episode was the last one. It looks like it will go down like Family Guy...dammit. Anyways, knowing your humor you probably would love Arrested Development.

Arrested Development is the best show on tv. Hands down.

I hear it will be back next season, but with not as many episodes.

Fox is stupid.

Smithers and his hypo was the only thing that drew a laugh out of me.

The only thing that really made me laugh was "Flander's Revenge" picture, on Fink's TiVo.

I'm really anti-Lisa, so I loved the future premonition of her life with Millhouse. Annoyed me Bart would save her from this, especially since he had a hot girlfriend. And basically gave up a happy life for her sake. I doubt she'd done the same if the shoe was on the other foot.

But hey, I admit, I just like the idea of Lisa being sad for all eternity. ;)

Michele, where are you hearing that Arrested Development may return?

Everything I've read suggests otherwise and I'm desperately searching for a reason to be optimistic. It's smart and funny, a dangerous combination and apparently a recipe for low ratings.

I liked that Homer finally fulfilled his dream of living under the sea. And the "Stupid flounders" line cracked me up.

And the "Stupid flounders" line cracked me up.

That was the best line of the night.

No one is Gay for Moleman?

So what do you lot think of Father of the Pride? I think its rather amusing me.

still funny, anyway this and arrested dev are what I watch..

Wait! I thought they were bringing BACK Family Guy! Have they already re-cancelled it??

I actually really really liked this episode. So many good lines, I thought. Very please, and yes, Bart's future girlfriend is totally hot.

No one is gay for Moleman!