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» It's always nice to sweep the Yankees. from Bozzy's World
My Baltimore Orioles destroyed the New York Yankees this weekend. They beat them 8-1, 7-6, and 8-4. Take that, Michele!... [Read More]


I finally get to gloat. Go O's.

runs away

hey, the Nats are in first place....

I would be happy, but then again, the Red Sox fans are enjoying this, so my happiness cannot be complete.

I wonder if there's an anti-Yankee, anti-Red Sox coalition out there.

I wonder if there's an anti-Yankee, anti-Red Sox coalition out there.

It is usually referred to as "the rest of the American League."

Sorge: There is, and I'm the Co-President.

If they keep it up, Oriole fans are gonna be unbearable, because they will be blind to the fact that it took NY boy Mazz to come to town and get their team off its collective ass.

Well, I'm one Sox fan who isn't gloating. I mean, I "hate" the Yankees and all that, and I treasure some of their lowest moments from the last few years, but a slump is a slump and it's no fun for anybody.

Moreover, although I "hate" the Yankees like I hate an appendectomy, I actually hate their owner far more. What a douche. It's April. By June the Yankees will be either #1 or #2 in their division, and if recent history is any guide they will doubtless contend for a pennant again this year. It pains me to write all this - as a native Clevelander living in Massachusetts it truly does pain me - but what kind of world is it when a born and bred Yankee foe has more faith in them than their owner?

And can I just say one more thing before I'm banned for life? The Yanks teams of the late '90s... now there was a team. Love or hate them, you had to respect them. There was a core of guys; Posada, Martinez, Brosious, Bernie, O'Neill, Cone, Pettitte, who were competitors, teammates, guys you could root against knowing they were all right. Life's a little emptier for at least this Yankee "hater" now that the team is a group of highly-paid individuals without that weird stand-up-guys thing that there usedta be. And I blame George.