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unchecked anger on a sunday afternoon

I, for one, am not going to be shedding tears in sympathy with Sarah Lunde's family because I believe they are totally at blame for what happened. That's not to say the murderer isn't to blame; of course he is. But her family, her mother specifically, blew it big time.

Sarah was last seen April 9, shortly after returning home from a church trip and around the time Onstott, who once dated her mother, unexpectedly visited the family's home. Sarah's 17-year-old brother came home to find the front door wide open and his sister gone, but the family initially assumed Sarah had gone to a friend's house. She was not reported missing until Monday

Gone on Friday, not reported missing until Monday. She was thirteen years old. Who just blows off their thirteen year old daughter not coming home for two days? That shows you right there what kind of family life this poor girl had.

Onstott, who once dated her mother,

You know, when you don't have kids, you can do whatever the hell you want with your life. Sleep with a different serial killer every night, for all I care. But when you have children, you owe it to them to not do anything that would ever put them in any kind of danger. Like, for instance, dating a convicted rapist/regisered sex offender.

Sarah's...brother Larry May said: "It's devastating, it's just unbelievable." "Everybody has things they wished they'd done spending more time with their children or keeping in closer contact," May said.

Keeping in closer contact? That's something you say when your kids are in their 30's and off with their own families and maybe you kind of lose that closeness you once had. Who the hell doesn't keep in close contact with their thirteen year old kid? I'll tell you who. The kind of mother who would date a convicted rapist even though she had kids in the house.

This poor girl was spending every weekend going to the local church, without any members of her family, because she was looking for somewhere to belong. She never had a chance.

Shit like this pisses me off. Take better care of your children, people. There are so many things in this world we can't protect them from. Why take chances with those things we can?

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Don't even get me started... She'd also previously been in the foster care system at 9.

No admonishment here. The kid never had a chance, and she's the one who has her life ended in a fish pond. Some people should NOT be parents.

I totally agree. It's sad and disgusting.

No arguments or admonishments here. The mother is an idiot. I hope they bring charges against her as well.

It's Spring. And while these stories are certainly tragic, the media is all too happy to trot them out.

did you hear what time the brother came home? four o'clock in the morning. 4AM! and the mother wasn't there, either.

parent of the year award candidate right there...

file under "rants to be deleted" and/or "waiting to be admonished"]

au contraire...file under "rant to be kept at top of page for a while"

The saddest part is that the responsible one of the family ends up being the victim.

Michele - You are so right on this one. Mom, (I use that term very loosely), should be charged as an accessory and dragged through the streets, What a waste. Best you, Nat and DJ. Terry

So, how about them Yankees......?

Here, here! Some people need to be beaten for their stupidity when raising their child.

I couldn't agree more that the family was completely negligent - the mother clearly wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, and the brother a lameass, my only fear in placing so much blame on the family is that there are so many children who are loved and cared for who have had the same fate befall them.

The ultimate blame is on our legal system for letting these animals out of prison ever again.

Exactly so, Dawn. The family should be run out of town on a rail, but these MFers should be killed on the spot. Preferably by being drawn and quartered.

The mother sucks - but that still doesn't quench my desire to take a turn beating the farking pedophile myself. I send my kids around the block with a $hit-your pants white shepherd (who hates anyone not in the family, basically.) I was a victim of a pedophile as a child, and I could swing a mace a few times at the head of one of those bastards. AFterwards, I'd have to go to confession of course.

Yeah, all through this I was asking myself "What kind of woman dates someone who's a known sex offender?" (I mean, I assume that was known, and known to the woman before she hooked up with him).

The worst thing is the kid wound up paying for her mom's rotten judgement, and now people are flocking around the mom to comfort her and they will probably enable her into her next boneheaded "relationship."

And with the pedophiles: one conviction should get either life without parole or shipment to some kind of penal colony FAR FAR FAR away from children. Maybe an island in shark-infested waters, with just coconuts and bananas to eat?