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Please Help Me Find The Scary German Guy!

msquad.jpgI am desperately seeking a VHS copy of the stupendous, groundbreaking, seldom heard of 1987 movie Monster Squad.

The movie was never released on DVD. The only DVDs you can find on eBay are bootlegs of rips from a Japanese laser disc and I'm not shelling out money for something that's going to end up looking like crap. I can buy a VHS version from Amazon marketplace for $33 but I'm not sure if I want to spend that kind of money just to fulfill some kind of weird nostalgic craving to see the Scary German Guy again.

If, by some crazy change, someone out there has this movie on VHS and would make a copy for me, I would Paypal the shipping charges to you and pay you whatever you deem appropriate for your efforts, within reason.

Surely someone out there has at least seen this movie besides my husband and myself?


Is this the flick where one of the kids sticks a garlic pizza slice on Dracula's face? If so, then I've seen it!


This site shows a copy available for $15.41.

"I saw Dracula and I kicked Wolfman in the nards."

Yes, dear. I know.

14 used & new from $32.90

Like I said, I don't want to spend $33.

Gads! I saw this on a double-bill (at a drive-in, no less!) with Weird Science! Good flick.

Sony had this listed as a "to be released" DVD (under their Columbia/TriStar line) for their last quarter 2005 list, but it appears their acquisition of MGM has put that entire list "on hold", so I have no idea when a proper DVD will be out.

Sorry. Guess I should have read your post a bit more careful. Chin up, though. I waited a long time for Akira Kurosawa's Dreams to be released on DVD. I could not find it anywhere, and gave up. Then one day I found it by accident at Barnes & Noble for $15.00.

I thought my brain would fall out.

Did you check on the one I listed, or was it gone already?

This is the one where the teenager swears she's a virgin, and then when she incants the spell and nothing happens, she says - "oh - yeah, once with Tommy, but that doesn't count".

My brother & I collapsed laughing at that line...

I used to namedrop this movie during pop culture exchanges with my friends, but stopped after receiving baffled gapes. An amazing amazing classic. Every great once in a while I catch myself saying "Ma-ma-ma-ma monster squad" in my head, then blush just a smidgen.

A nearby video store has it. I'll see what I can do.

M, you are sooooo weird.

I've seen this several times, it came on cable CONSTANTLY back in the late 80s-early 90s. My kids liked it too, so we taped it and thanks to them I got sick of it!

But I still think it was a very clever and underrated little action comedy-slash-monster movie, and I just might see if I can find that tape and watch it again sometime. Of course, that meas I'd have to hook my VCR back up...sigh...

Oh- I could try to copy it for you from that tape, if #1: I can find it, and #2 you don't mind a copy of a copy...

I'll defer to Johnny B, if for some reason he can't get it working, let me know.

"Wolfman has nards!?!?" I LOVE this movie and Amanda and I have always wanted to try and get a copy of it. I'll see what I can dig up as well.

I was just happy that they recently released Orgazmo on DVD. That's on the shelf now.


Ebay $18.99

Jay, that's the DVD. It was never officially released on DVD, so anything in that format is generally a crappy copy from a VHS or laser disc. I've been told that no one ever got a copy that was truly watchable.

Whoops. Sorry. Didn't read the post closely enough. I just thought you didn't want to pay $33 for that format.

How about here for VHS.

Ebay has a VHS copy here for $24.99

Both say they are originals, not dupes.

Wolfman's got NARDS!!!

Good idea not to shell out the $33. Sometime circa 1998 or so, I was desperate to get my hands on a copy of The Princess Bride. Disney, in thier infinite wisdom (Go to hell! You go to hell and you DIE! - Mr. Garrison) had 'put it in the vault', so I scoured virtually every movie shop in town and searched on the net for days before finally posting in a Newsgroup. Found a guy who had a once watched VHS copy he sold me for like $40.

I shit you not, three months later I see DVD's on sale at Sam's Club for $17.88. Gah.