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S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y -

The new banner is courtesy of the incredibly handsome Hubris. Smokin', indeed. And yea, I know there's too much white space on the site. I don't design blogs, I just start them and abandon them.

Coincidentally, this week marks three months that I have been cigarette free.

So, today looks like this: Little League parade, Little League picnic/bbq, chauffer to guitar lessons (DJ) and work (Nat), DJ's game, FDNY/NYPD hockey game. We're looking at a 9-8 schedule there. It's all good, fun stuff, but I generally prefer my Saturdays come with a nap at some point. Doesn't look likely today.

Which is a roundabout way of saying that I won't be around the blog today, but I will be photoblogging tonight. I think my weekend blogging - at least until the end of summer - is going to be like going over to Uncle Bob's excpeting a fun night of cards and drinking and getting family vacation slides instead.

Except this Uncle Bob is going to load up the pictures, grab a bottle of wine and listen to the new (illegaly gained but soon to be bought) Nine Inch Nails album and hope, hope, hope that I am not disappointed in it.

Enjoy your Saturday.


Congrats on the three months. It's all down hill from here. Before you know it, it'll be three years.

You rule! Congratulations!

For a person to notice the white space, they would have to quit noticing Hubris. And that, as we know, is not possible.

Congratulations on the 90-day milestone/

If you resist the urge to smoke after looking at your cool new title image, then you've truly have quit. _

Oh and the white space isn't a problem. I love the simplistic layouts. My blog has the similar style, only with black space.

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oh, thanks, now I got that damn thing stuck in my head.


There is nothing wrong with white space. Some people are just not fussy about their blog's appearance.