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the most awesome thing I have ever seen on the internet

Ever. Ever. Ever. I swear. Just. Fucking. Awesome.

[QT video. Windows version here. video game nerd alert. via MeFi]

Here's their website. And the audience reaction at some parts is priceless.


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Not being a cough Nintendo geek, I wish someone would provide a key. Yes, I got Tetris already...

Pretty sure almost all of it is from one form of Super Mario Brothers or another, except for Tetris, Mortal Combat and Zelda.

That so rocked! Oh my god. I laughed through most of that. I played those games...lmao



I loved that. Perfect example of everything I love about 80's video games.



Thanks for the pointer, that was pretty badass. If only they would have included some music from Tecmo Bowl, it would have been perfect.

(Wife, wondering what the hell is going on, looks over my shoulder and asks,"What's so funny?" I immediately roar with glee: "you'll never get it.")

Hey! The couch ain't so bad.

I laughed so hard I cried. That rocks.


Not quite as cool as the "Matrix Ping Pong" guys, but pretty damn funny.

For Sekimori:

1) Mario Bros. "Flag/Stage Clear"
2) Super Mario Bros. Main Theme
3) Dr. Mario
4) Mario Bros. 3
5) Mario Bros. "Star"
6) Tetris
7) Mortal Kombat
8) Mario Bros. "Dungeon"
9) The Legend of Zelda
10) Mario Bros. "Game Over"

(data from the Redefined site)

That kicked ass! Thank's for the link.

Wow. All I can say is... wow.

That was great!! Especially the Zelda re-enactment....I can't tell you how many hours I'd spend playing that game after I tucked the kids into bed at night...lol.

Toren, I immediately thought of the Matrix Ping Pong bit, too. Here's the link for anyone who hasn't seen it yet - unfortunately the video quality isn't the best but still an awesome routine:

Matrix Ping Pong

Peed my pajamas!! Dang, that was a TRIP!

That is fucking fantastic, Michelle. Thank you.

Oh my god I can't believe I just spelled your name wrong. hangs head in shame

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