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Sheffield swings.......

Dude! What do you think? Is Sheff going to be suspended?

That was an email from a fellow Yankee fan this morning.

My thought? Sheffield should have clocked the idiot. The jerk wasn't grabbing for the ball (which is a really jerkass move when your team is the one hitting, anyhow); he was clearly taking a swipe at Sheff. Watch the video at MLB.com a few times and tell me you don't come away with the same conclusion.

Kudos to the Boston fans for pointing the asswipe out right away, and to Sheffield for showing incredible restraint.

As I wrote here, it looks like everyone - Yankee and Red Sox fans alike - are in agreement on this one.

Suspened? Hell, he should be lauded for not jumping into the stands and pummeling the jackass.

Update: Even if he wasn't taking a swipe at Sheffield, but just trying to distract him, he's still a jerk. And there are jerks like him in every single park, stadium and arena; people who think that having a ticket to a game entitles them some sort of no-fault behavior law, where they can act like freaking animals, interfere in the game, heckle to the point of ruining the game for every fan around them and just be complete assholes. It's not a Sox-Yankee rivalry thing. It's not even a Sox fan thing. It's just the nature of some people to be jackasses.

Update: A blogger who was at the game - a must read.


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I saw it last night, and watching the coverage SportsCenter is giving it, nd IMO this incident is way overblown. Nothing happened! The fan went for the ball, and Sheff swiped him away while going for the ball. That's it. End of story. The fan was ejected, a he should have been for interfering.

So why is this getting the SportsCenter equivalent of the Michael Jackson case?

Mark, if you watched that more than once and think nothing happened, you should really get your eyes checked. The tape clearly shows the fan's arm come up and Sheffield's head react to the contact. Sheff picked up the ball, shoved the fan away, then turned and relayed the ball to the infield.

THAT is how it happened, not "Sheff swiped him away while going for the ball." He didn't react until he had picked the ball up. Are you an idiot, or just a fan of the self-declared "Idiots" trying to defend a numbnutted ticket holder who even the Dirt Dogs are saying should be banned from attending another game this season and next?

This incident confirms Boston as a city of provincial cowards. First the guy clearly took a cheap shot at Sheff, and the only reason their is any question about it is because it was a girlyman kind of swing. Secondly, not mentioned is the guy to the left of the incident, who throws his beer at Sheffield once he realizes that an altercation is underway. It's difficult to see how anyone can look at the tape and say nothing happened.

I'm no fan of either the Yankees or the Sox, but I do know that you would have to bend at the waist to reach over the wall to retrieve a ball on the ground.

This fan did not bend at the waist; he was swinging at Sheff, not going for the ball and Sheff was justified in defending himself the way he did.

Michele is right, some people are just a-holes and not all Sox fans are a-holes, but that one is.

But US Senators who are Sox fans are a-holes.

Pursuit - it's kinda stupid to project this one idiot onto the entire population of boston, even if he is a prick.

He took a cheap shot at sheffield, and sheffield actually showed a great deal of decorum and restraint. I know if some guy came to my work and tried to sucker punch me, I might be willing to lose my job if it meant I got to beat his bastard ass. Sheffield shouldn't get punished for behaving in a socially acceptable manner.

It's just the nature of some people to be jackasses.

Hey now, some of us are loveable jackasses.

And Pursuit, trying to paint a whole city based on the behavior of two (probably drunk) dumbasses is really reaching. I mentioned the beer-throwing dope last night, right after the game. It's not my fault that I don't have the exposure that ESPN has. Yet.

Skillzy & Shank,

Reaching? Maybe. Fun? Definitely!

Your friend,


He showed excellent restraint...

Man, if there is ever an argument for abortion....lol

While not a BOS or NY fan, why not let the attacker and attackee settle thier differences by a simple Roshambo contest? Attackee goes first since attacker went first in the previous get together. If there needs to be a third and deciding round that nite, one-on-one dodgeball, played with the type/size/weight ball of the person's choosing. Of course, this is all included with the price of your ticket, so there's no extra charges for the casual observer.


Considering Sheffield's mentality ( I saw a lot of him when he was a LA Dodger). He showed remarkable restraint, way more than I would have expected of him. He shouldn't be punished in any way and I can't stand the man.

The Security Guard deserves to be lauded. His quick action prevented any escalation of the event from happening.

The 'Fan' shouldn't be allowed back to see a game at Fenway for the rest of the year at the very least. He instigated everything and that's a fair punishment. If he's a season ticket holder he should have his seat(s) taken away and given to someone else.

I watched it happen, then ESPN replayed it over and over and over; I found it incredible that the guys "announcing" the game were so focused on the jerk who leaned over and made contact with Sheff that they were oblivious to the guy in the G.A.P. sweatshirt who was next to the two women (to the left of Sheff) but reached over and DUMPED his beer on Sheff.

Sure, the fool who reached down and took a swipe and made contact with Sheff was rightfully booted outta the park ... but how come Mr. GAP Sweatshirt Guy got to stand there, looking smug and eventually making a call on his cellphone ... no doubt to brag about his beer tossing moment?

Kudos to the Security Guy for his agility (he flew up in front of Sheff) and his courage (to actually get IN FRONT of Sheff) to diffuse a situation that could have turned into Pacers/Pistons fiasco.


I was defending no one. I actually am on Sheff's side in this. Now, I will admit that my "nothing happened" comment was not the best of words (I wrote it as I was waking up), but I stand by my remark that the whole incident does not demand the extensive coverage that it is getting. Compared to other incidents between fans and players, this was very mild (i.e. the fan did not attack Sheffield, Sheffield did not "go Artest" and leap into the stands to attack anyone).

If ESPN is still playing it wall-to-wall tomorrow, then you can say it's being blown out of proportion and compare it to the coverage Michael Jackson's trial. But precisely because of the Artest episode (and other fan/player clashes ESPN recounted in the piece), every time a player and knucklehead fans interact, it's gonna get featured, period. You've heard the newspaper axiom, "If it bleeds, it leads," right?

Well, "Ugly Sells."

"they were oblivious to the guy in the G.A.P. sweatshirt who was next to the two women (to the left of Sheff) but reached over and DUMPED his beer on Sheff."

Well more like he threw in his face (dumping being a gravity action) and yes I couldn;t believe no one mentioned it. I think its because at first glance it looks like the woman sitting next to him did it.

My boss came in this morning and said, first thing: Did you see the GAP guy??

I finally saw a nice, close-up slow mo of the incident. Of course the fan was an ass. But "restraint" means to refrain from an action and Sheffield did not "restrain" himself from taking a swing into the stands. He may have restrained from jumping into the stands, but I wouldn't call that remarkable.

One thing that I noticed is that Sheffield also hit the woman (women?) standing next to the perpetrator. But I'm sure Sheffield won't have to answer for that. After all, he's only an athlete.

John, it wasn't Sheff who hit the women...The guy who threw the beer smacked the women while he was tossing the cup.

One thing I was pleased with, a couple of fans a few seats down made sure to point out the wrongdoers to security.

Sheff did certainly show restraint, as he is a scary bastard sometimes, and he didn't all-out attack.

I, and most other BoSox fans, respect the hell out of him.

Jesus Damon even lauded him.

It was a very screwed up move on the fan's part. Gave all of us a bad name and makes us want to see him kept out of Fenway for a long time.

Hey...looks like we're all wrong about the beer...His arm was knocked by the woman next to him.

Weird thing is, when I first saw it, that was my thought. On replay, I thought it was on purpose.

Oh well.

On behalf of all A's, I want to thank the Yanks for stealing our over-the-hill stars. Particularly Giambi

Is there a video of the incedent available online? I have been searching and searching, and find it odd (or a little like MLB is trying to control the spin) that the same news site shows pictures of the incident, followed by video of Shef speaking about it, but know where can I find video of the Incident.

Michael, that sentence that says ". Watch the video at MLB.com " with the link? Click it.

I as a Boston native and fan am disgusted by the fan who definately got in Sheffield's way. I really do not think he SWUNG at him though. I also disagree with someone saying the GAP guy threw his beer on Sheffield. Clearly the women next to him bumped his arm. look at this picture.
by the way the video on the MLB site is awful you cannot see anything. What they were showing on the YES network showed all of it in slow motion like 9 times.

Sheffield is praised for not overreacting http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=2042089

The GAP guy - he definitely throws his beer on Sheff. You have to watch close. The woman with him has her hand wrapped around his arm, but she doesn't pull down on it - he throws the beer. Imagine that, two a-holes sitting that close to each other. One might agree with Pursuit above. Then he picks up another beer - sitting on the railing. A-hole yes, but he scores points for having beer number two ready for immediate drinking.