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Safe Bet it's not going to be "Justin"
plus linky goodness


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Hilary wants you to guess what Cletus and Brandine Kevin and Britney will name their baby. Winner shall receive fame (Hilary's claim, not mine) and an esteemed prize from eBay.


I haven't done a linkfest thing in a while. If I find something interesting, I'll put it here. If you have something interesting, put it in the comments.


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plus linky goodness

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Peanut Butter. (& Jelly, if twins.)

They're gonna give it some pompus hollywood dickbag name like Jade Lily, Noah West, Tiara Lexus or some other stupid shit.

Dibs on Praline or Brownie!

I theorized they would go with more of a stripper theme, Candi, Amber that sort of thing.

100% Idiot

Send these my way! They are great!


"Mistake" has a certain ring to it.

As a bonus, it could equally be applied to Malachai Malachy Joyce.

Interesting that he refers to you as "woman blogger." He called me the "falsley [sic] named blogger."

Actually, this was a good laugh, too. But I don't think he meant it to be funny.
Gee, thanks, now I have this overwhelming urge to scoop out my eyes...with a grapefruit spoon.

My caveman picture is waaaaay more troglodytic than yours.

To say nothing of the fact that you and Bill look just alike!

I know. We're identical cartoon twins. And you get to be almost life like!


/caps on on purpose

...and why is he pronouncing it "AmerAca"?

Production quality of a Teletubbies episode, message from the heart.

That video was win-win all around.