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dream sequence

Dream, early this morning:

The man was in the house; a Florida style ranch house, white shingles and stone, a palm tree in front, wide cement driveway, curved stone walkway.

He was yelling. His voice was trembling, loud, frightening. He was yelling at himself. He had no one left to kill, he said. He wanted to surrender.

I was looking at a pick up truck approaching the house. The back of the truck was open, but the sides were enclosed with splintery, yellow wood. Riding in the back were several people. They were in black and white, like a grainy photo. Everything else was in bright color, the contrast turned up. There was a girl, facing away from me, kneeling down, head in hands. I could only see her hair, her body shaking from sobs, her striped shirt rising up and down with the sobbing, the stripes making slow waves.

Every time the man in the house yelled, the kneeling girl screamed. Intrinsically, I knew what was going on. The man had attacked the girl earlier. She recognized his voice. She didn't want to hear it again. And then she said out loud, in words choked with fear, please don't make me go back there. And when I heard her, I nearly passed out, because her voice was mine. The kneeling, crying, scared girl was me.

There were cops and detectives and news cameras on the street and the man in the house finally stumbled out the door and when he did, he went from color to black and white, and he had no face. He had cut his own face off with a razor, was living to tell about it, stumbling out onto the perfectly manicured lawn, arms askew, face bleeding, and I knew that blood was dark red and oozing, even though it was just grainy gray to my eyes, and as the man fell to the lawn I suddenly found myself high above everything, so high above that I could see the shape of Florida on the map, but zoom in so I could see some children playing in a pool and I tried to yell for those children to get out of the pool because the bad man was coming, but they couldn't hear me. So I jumped from where I was, and fell, fell, fell, what seemed like forever, back into the bed of the pick up truck, where the world kind of zoomed in again, like a camera had just quickly retracted its zoom lens and now I was the girl, sobbing, kneeling, instead of watching me and the bad man on the lawn would not stop yelling or bleeding.

I woke up, couldn't go back to sleep and it's unlikely that I will be able think of anything else for a few more hours.

[added to the dream blog that I forgot about until just now]


with best German accent...

michele, you have unresolved issues.

If I had those kind of dreams often, I'd be sleep-deprived.

Sharing time:

I've had this incredibly detailed recurring dream for about 2 years in which I've gone back to college. The dreams are sequential, and every little detail is included. For instance, at this point in my dream life I have a 2.8 grade average and I just dropped Philosophy 201 . They are so detailed and long-running that I have nostalgic memories for my dream life. I haven't had one in a couple of weeks, and I hope I do soon, because I'm late for English class.

Back to you -
Are you one of those lucid dreamers? Does this sort of dream happen often?

Yes and yes. I lucid dream on the average of five nights a week. I'd say I have about two or three dreams per night that I remember.

All my dreams - this is going back to early childhood - are vivid, detailed, in full color (except for instances like the one above), contain sub-stories, plot twists, recurring places and characters ( some of them going back over thirty years) and play out like movies. Very often, I'm not even in my dreams - I just watch them play out. But when I am in them, 99% of the time, I am lucid dreaming, so I control what goes on.

Ever watch Psychic Detectives? Something makes me wonder if you are a "sensitive".

It's not a trait I'd want bestowed upon me, especially in the form of what the people on the show experience, but what they are able to do provides a service and closure for those who need it.

I have some psychic tendencies, and I've had what I call 'true dreams' now and then that have come true - along with other experiences - but I don't know anyone who dreams as vividly as you do.