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Thanks for breaking my cow lamp!

You are homestarrunner.com You are funny and animated.  You have a large following, but many people still don't get you. You are flashy. You talk funny.
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Which Website are You?

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You're lucky. I got "hardocp" which I've visited like...oh...never.

"Toons! Games! Chawactuhs! Downwoads! Stoah! E-mail!"

Fuuuuck, I came out Wikipedia. Who do I sue?

I came out as Amazon.com ... "You are the first person people go to when they need something. People have confidence in you. You like free shipping."

Figures ... I'm everyone's favorite shoulder. I also provide tech support for my school. Ask me where anything is in my library and I'm all over it. I'm a single mom so you KNOW I'm always on call. AND who doesn't like free shipping?!?!

Pretty accurate, I'd say.

I got Metafilter. :)



I would actually join it, but I don't need to spend that much more time on it. Personally, I think the best part is the really bizarre stories that get on there from reputable sources. Like the stoners who "rescued" a mountain lion. And were pulled over by a cop.

Ilkya, Wikipedia actually has a lot of good science and math stuff.

i'm msn.com.......crap........could i be more boring?

"you try to find what people are looking for, but you're not very good at it. you suck."

I also am homestarruner.com. But where is my large following and my flashiness? Actually, I do talk real good (where's that from?).


I think that's a good thing...

I got SomethingAwful. Well, the internet has made me stupid...