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The Horror!

George Lutz, the person who owned the Amityville Horror house and subsequently wrote a book about his terrible plight with swarming flies and a scary pig is pissed off about the new movie. Apparently, Mr. Lutz is miffed that the director and authors of the new film have dare to fictionalize his fictional account of what happened in those 28 days. Not only that, but they had the audacity to not call on him as a consultant.

"A tremendous disservice has been orchestrated here. The filmmakers have fabricated many incredibly inaccurate statements made during promotion interviews and press packs. These serve to misinform with a drivel that is pure sophistry. I am appalled at the lack of personal integrity in the name of hype and promotion."

Looks like somebody got themselves a thesaurus! I think if we translate that into everyday speak, it means: I am the only one who should have monetarily benefited from my lies and fabrications! How dare they add more special effects and frightening things to my completely made up, ridiculous story. Why, I had such personal intergrity when I used the tragic demise of an entire family for my own personal gain!

"This (film) is supposed to be about my family and the 28 days we lived in the house, instead it is something formed in the minds of others not concerned with anything more than box office numbers and self import."

Well, George, if they were to make an honest film about the 28 days you lived in the house, it would look like Project Greenlight, as none of this crap ever happened to you and it was all a product of your greedy imagination. Do you know that the day after the Lutzes fleed the house in fear, George came back to hold a garage sale? The hell with the demons in the wall, I must sell my old lawnmower!

Coincidentally, I wrote about the Amityville house just a couple of weeks ago. I've been there a couple of times and as I remarked in the earlier post, the only horror that permeated those walls was the horror of the original murders.

Lutz again:

"I was excluded from any participation that might have allowed for accurate depictions in this film. "There is a craft to acting... Some actors are more serious about their art. They take time to research a part. In the case of retelling an actual event, they look into the history and research the people involved. That just didn't happen here.

Hello? What is there to research? It's fiction. Made up. Nothing more than a ghost story conjured up by a man and his wife who thought they could paraly the deaths of a couple of kids and their parents into a movie franchise. Which they did, I suppose.

Oh, I watched those movies. All of them. They were horribly, mind numblingly bad, and the only reason I watched was for the local flavor. Admittedly, I tend to watch the first Amityville movie every time it's on, forgiving it's inherent badness and getting past the Margot Kidder factor for some reason.

Which leads me to a really off tangent question/poll (ASV is like your blogging breakfast cereal, FREE POLL INSIDE!), but a way in which to wrap up this post, which was going nowhere except into a tirade about gullible people who believe that "Based on a True Story" means Every Single Thing You See Within This Movie is Accurate and Really Happened.

Eh, I'm going to put the poll in a separate post, so as not to confuse the comments.


Well, Lutz does rhyme with "putz" after all. :)

Mabye the filmakers mistook him for Lionel Hutz, and didn't think they'd have much success talking with a cartoon character?

Hah. That was pretty funny, UnkFrank.

I actually thought the book was scarier than the movie. But that was during the time when I couldn't sleep from reading the "Exorcist." {shudder}

Saw the trailer for it on Sunday, preceding our viewing of the most excellent Sin City. I have no desire to see it, whatsoever.

My favorite part of the first one was James Brolin walking around the house in his tight little briefs. Very hot. Couldn't care less about anything else in the movie.

The worst (or best) example of people believing something was a true story was for a movie that was almost totally fiction (i.e. the fact that the first Gulf War took place was probably the only fact in it) was Courage Under Fire.

I can't believe that the producers get to say "based on a true story" at the beginning of the movie. What a load of Hollywood marketing bullshit.

Also, "Lutz" and "chutzpah", have some overlap in the "utz"al area.

we really think that everyone who thinks the story is fake is full of shit!!!! you are some stupid mother fuckers if you think that someone would just make it up.