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another "damn, I'm old" milestone
(and some unabated A-rod anger)

The daughter has her first real job.

The good news is, it's at the local bakery. My pignoli cookie obsession will never go unfed!

But man, I feel kind of old right now.

In other news:

grrrrrrr.jpg Grrrrr.

Freaking A-Rod. Another day, another runner left in scoring position. And don't give me that crap about how he got a hit today and three the other day.

There was once a player for the Yankees named Don Baylor. I'm sure you remember him. I hated him. And people used to say to me "Why do you hate Don Baylor? He hits home runs!" And I would say "Hitting home runs when there's no one on base or when the game is already decided means shit to me. Don Baylor is teh suck!" Well, I would say something like that. Because I don't think the guy every hit a meaningful home run in his life.

And A-Rod is going to end up being just as useless. Plus, he had an error today. Swing that purse, A-Rod. God damn waste of money.

[of course, I reserve the right to smile and applaud when A-Rod does eventually do something that benefits the team

Update, 8th inning. Oh. My. Fucking. God. Is it hockey season yet?


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(and some unabated A-rod anger)

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7-1.... Wake's pitching a gem... and Mussina's not.

1986. When I assumed they were about to be eliminated by the Angels, Baylor hit a 1-out, 2-run HR in the bottom of the 9th to pull the Sox to within 1 run and set up Dave Henderson's game winner.

Oh... you meant meaningful to the YANKEES...

Can I gloat yet?

Then again, it's the Sox. They'll do something to make the fans groan and hide our heads.

I know how you feel... Renteria. 0-3, 1 E and batted into 1 DP. That's 7 DP's in 7 games.

So you don't believe in God but this non existent being is supposed to damn things or people that don't meet your standards? Brilliant.

Yeah boy, I sure do miss that A-Rod.

Ok, I'm lyin.



Hey, no hard feelings. I gave up on being frustrated by money-grubbing, steroid freaks when they had their strike. Have fun with MLB. It sucks. Speaking of suck, you rant about the pope and the church was well below your standards.


How about now. Can I gloat now?

No, hockey is still on it's deathbed.

Hey Kat? You're getting on my last nerve. Seriously. Not even kidding.

Josh, I'm sorry that I don't meet your standards.

Wait, no I'm not.

Bit me, both of you. One of you for being a pretentious dick, and one of you for not knowing when to shut up.

It's funny you mention hockey. I've been enjoying the NAHL playoffs up to this point. Of course, it helps when your team sweeps the first round.

Jeez, Michele, you sound like me with my Phils. It's the seventh game of the season. What are gonna be like later?:)

Hitting home runs when there's no one on base or when the game is already decided means shit to me.

As much as I like Thomey, he was doing that a lot last year. He's always been a clutch hitter before, so I'm hoping it was just an abberation.

How hot is Pat Burrell right now? Woo hoooooooo!

I love that picture. I believe Arroyo is in it too!

What can ya say. Hey Yankee fans "How Ya Doing"?

C'mmmmmoonnnnnnn DEVIL RAYS!

Well. Just ahd a daughter one month a go and it's kind of scary to think about her ever getting a REAL job. I can't believe how afst one month past and so I can sure empathize with how you feel. Pretty sure it'll be here before I know it.

About the yanks, well, not a baseball fan so I can't sympathize.

Any chance this bakery makes "pajama" cookies?

hey michele Josh said "not up to your standard".

Yes, but it's some mysterious standard that he has in mind for me. Personally, I live up very well to my own standards. But thanks for playing.

Lessee, as an Indians fan, let me add up all my compassion for you Yankees fans now that your team started 3-4. Yanks World Series record since I was born: 6-3. Indians: 0-2. Yep, thought so. I suspect when all is said and done, you'll conclude that the money spent on A-Rod and the Unit was wasted, but you've actually done pretty well in that arena too.

Wow, barely a week into the season and no team has fewer than 2 wins or losses.

As a Mariners fan (yes...I'm a sadist) I'd like to congratulate on you on your payroll anvil, Alex "Pay-Rod" Rodruigez.

The Mariners may suck..but at least they don't suck with a massively bloated Pay-Rod payroll.

The Mariners may suck..but at least they don't suck with a massively bloated Pay-Rod payroll.
Given the amount that Texas is paying, even Seattle could've afforded A-Rod's contract.

Alas, hockey had its feeding tube removed a few weeks ago, and expired.