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this day in yankee history

2005: Worst. Day. Ever.


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Actually, they can turn this into the best day of the season, if they use it to their advantage. Torre or Jeter or someone needs to say, "See what we did? We gave them that flag and those goddamn rings...they didn't take them from us, we GAVE them to them...now let's go take them back!"

(not holding my breath on that scenario playing out.)

Will be even better if the Yankees lose and fall under .500

This is designed to bring together children, parents and grandparents to embrace memories of those who would have loved to have seen this day

That's just....sort of pitiful.

I hear they'll be selling popsicles shaped like Ted Williams - with the head already bitten off.

Completely OT: Just noticed your "new?" header (hey, if it's not new, sorry; I'm just a guy. My wife could have the family room repainted a different color and I wouldn't notice until I had to touch up a nicked spot and would realize that my little quart jar of paint labeled "family room" didn't match the new color... and don't even get me started about "beauty shop day"!!).

Anyway, I think I'd definitely buy a T-shirt that had "This is where the cute banner and clever catch phrase go". (Just sayin')

I dunno... it seems like a really nice day to me... the wind coming over Boston Harbor is chilly but there's barely a cloud in the sky, girls are appearing optimistically in shorts, I've got chili for lunch today, and the Idiots are opening Fenway today with that whole giant World Series ring ceremony thing they're going to --

Oh jeez, I'm sorry! Is that the problem?

It must be very difficult waiting almost half a decade for another trophy to put next to the other 26. Maybe A-Rod will save the day by trying to slap Arroyo's ring off his finger.

(I'm about to get banned, aren't I?)

Wow...Johno...you took the words out of my mouth. I'm excited. Couldn't get tickets, but am actually able to watch it on TV. I timed my trip to NE well this year and can watch it on NESN.


Red Sox get their rings? This is where the Apocalpyse goes. Beware and live well this afternoon Michele and others, the world will probably end tonight before that ring ceremony.

Oddly, this is also the day that in 1962 the Mets played their first game. Just incase today doesn't turn out that bad you always got that to fall back on.

However, this was the day that Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, so at least something productive happened on this day even though it took baseball way too long to let it happen.

Ah the good old days, when there were no steroids, multi-million dollar salaries, Red Sox players with rings and we just good old fashioned racist baseball.

I just hope some Yankees fan belts out "1918! 1918!" for a few seconds before the utter stupidity of what he's doing slowly, slowly dawns upon him as he very quietly sits back down.

ok, I'll admit I'm not happy about this "event" today, but "worst day ever"

I know that this is supposed to be a big deal, but considering that this is one of the extremely few times that the Sox had gotten the best of the Bombers, I'm not all that upset about it.

I'm much more upset about the yakees blowing a 3 game... let's not discuss that.

If the Red Sox were truly the Yankess nemisis (always knocking US out of the ALCS) I could see this as a big slap in the face, but given the historical lopsidedness of this "rivalry" I say let them have their fun, we'll see you in the playoffs.

Worst day ever? Nah. Last October was much worse. All this means is that the pomp and circumstance of last october is now, finally over and we can proceed with the new baseball season with its hopes, dreams all being crushed or realized (depending on your team).

by "this" I mean today's event.

I'm liveblogging the ceremony, in case anyone cares.


Just thought everyone would like to know.

Gloating is a bannable offense here.

Mets rally and Yankees are in trouble. Good Day I would say.

Who said anything about gloating?

I was simply informing.


you haven't banned me yet...

haven't answered me in a week, but you haven't banned me.

sigh banned by Michele... THAT would be an accomplishment.

I consider her threat of banning to be bs. She has yet to ban me, for all her threats to do so.


Gotta go, I need to go post Lenore in the Sox hat again. Or maybe the crying Yankee baby...decisions, decisions.

I'm coming for you, redneck.