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Random Thought

It occurred to me this morning that I spent approximately 200 hours of my life watching the Doors cover band Crystal Ship.

That's very near the definition of sad.

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I didn't book as many hours as you, but they did seem to be playing within a forty minute drive for most of my music-chasing life. If no one I really wanted to see was gigging nearby, the Ship was always somewhere to be found.

"...my favorite cover-band, Crystal Ship. they do a Doors show and it goes a little like this..."
-Dead Milkmen, Bitchin' Camaro

My parents drove it up from the Bahamas. :p

in jersey we have the soft parade
and unfortunately i am nearing your record.

however, new jersey is the cover band capitol of the world, so i have that excuse.

Ahhhhh memories...

RumRunner of Oyster Bay After Dark...

Oh yes. RumRunner, and it's counterpart, RumBottom's in Hicksville. Spent a great portion of my youth at both places. Jeebus blessed us with a drinking age of 18, which means I was hitting the bars by 16.

Not for drinking, mind you, but for the cover bands. And Zebra.

I have to play my Doors albums only when my husband is not around

He played in a Doors cover band, Strange Daze (So Cal), for a couple of years in the 80's and just got burned out on the music.

Kinda like losing your taste for chocolate if you work for See's.

Love your blog. I've been reading it with Onfolio for about 6 weeks now.

The Doors were my favorite band for 10 years.

I believe you'll find that the name of the Doors cover band in Bitchin' Camaro was "Crystal Shit". Please make a note of it.

Actually, if you click on the link I provided, you'll see the name was Krystal Shyt. But thanks for your condenscension none the less.