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portrait of a day/dream

I love taking pictures. I'll probably post tons of photos every weekend until summer's end, even if I'm the only one looking at them.

So today we ventured over to my sister's house. In back of her house is a wide, vast sump. For those whose venucular does not include the word "sump," substitute "landfill not filled with anything except dirt, broken glass, woodland creatures and remnants of teenage wasteland." We took a walk into the sump today to retreive a few lost wiffle balls.

Now, my sister has lived in her house about seven years, and not only have I never been in that sump, I've never really looked at it because of the high fence in their backyard. Today was my first ever look at the place up close. And man, was I in for a shock.

I have recurring dreams. Well, not really recurring dreams, per se, but recurring places and people in my dreams. So when I ducked through the bushes and stepped into this place, I nearly fainted. I recognized it right away as one of the more familiar settings of my dreams. Everything - the depth and width of it, the places where the ground crests and falls, the paths made by trodding feet, the grassy ledge that runs the circumfrence and the wide, dry crop of bush/trees in the middle of the space - it was all there, just as it had been in my dreams. Sometimes in the dreams, the sump was covered in snow and ice, yet I could still recognize certain hilly parts. I know, I just know, this is the place from my dreams. Yet, how the hell could that be? Weird.

Anyhow, pictures from the day, some of which are of said sump. I Photoshopped one to give it the coloring from the last time I dreamed about it.

Also, why so many pictures of the nephew? Easy. Because he's four and hasn't yet developed that "run from the camera" attitude. In fact, he gravitates toward it.


grassy ledge?

well, better than a grassy knoll.

I never thought a sump was a top site for bridal dresses....maybe some bridesmaids' dresses, though.

(delete this when you delete the spam, michele)

One thing I love about the pictures of your nephew is that when he's playing, he always seems to have his game face on. Like in pic #3. The kid's a natural competitor!

My four year old has started to develop that innate sense of when a camera approaches. As soon as he seems me focus, he turns into this grinning goober. He's taking all the fun out of spontaneous pictures! Got any tips for distracting the preschooler?

Great pics, Michele.
I agree with Sean M. Your nephew seems like he's really into the ball game.
So cute! =)

Once I had a dream about a construction site, which I saw in real life two days later from the window of a bus. This just goes to show that 1) psychic powers of precognition do exist, and 2) they are pretty darn useless.

Like Andrea, years ago I had a dream about wandering around a complex of buildings. A few weeks later, I ended up at a newly-built local High School, where I had to take the SAT. The school--which I'd never been to--was exactly the same as the setting of my dream, down to the last detail. I'm not kidding!

Alas, none of the SAT questions or answers appeared in the dream. Useless psychic powers indeed.