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Meet the Mets, Beat the Mets, v.2005

One of the after-effects of last year's World Series ALCS loss was having to listen to the insipid bellowing from Mets fans. You would think that fans of a team that has suffered from LOSER status for so long would think twice about berating fans of a team that actually made it to the league championships, but Met fans were never really known for their genius.

I mean, how ridiculous is it for you spend a winter doing the Nelson Muntz at me when your team has been a blazing disaster for so long?

And this is why I loathe the Mets more than the Red Sox, more than the Cowboys, more than Duke, more than any team in all of sports, world wide, professional or amatuer. Why I hate the Mets with a broad, sweeping hatred that knows no depth nor width, that is endless, black and unforgiving. Because their fans - my dear father included - tend to be assholes. Raging, hemorrhoidal assholes.

Met fans do things like this and this.

Of course, that's just part of the reason I hate the Mets. As I've mentioned before, there's also Gary Carter, George Foster, Howard Johnson, Keith Hernandez, Len Dykstra, Roger McDowell, Doug Sisk, Lee Mazilli and 1980's era Strawberry, Gooden and Cone. Old shit? Yes, but rivalries run deep. Oh, it started before that. Way before that. Approach me with the phrase You Gotta Believe and I'll vomit in your Mets cap. And how about that Mr. Met? Why make a mascot that just begs to have his head smacked in?

All of the above is why I take such great pleasure in walking up to my father and saying How 'bout them Mets?

By the way, you can go voice your opinion on the Greatest Yankee Ever, over at Coalition of the Darkside.


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If one is a true fan, one remains a fan no matter how pathetic one's team becomes. All this to say that I'm a Mets fan from waaaay back, and though it pains me to say it, I'm a Mets fan still. I figure if nothing else, it's got to earn me some good karma for sticking by them for the past 19 years of nuthin'.

The Mets - where Red Sox and Yankee fans can come together and laugh at the worst team in Baseball.

I hope they never win.

Nuff said, Michele. Perfect. Although I have to admit that I went from hating Dykstra to loving him when he went to the Phils. Same thing with Pete Rose.

You first time poster, cool site, even thought I hate the mets and Yanks. Go Phils, Lieber with a no hitter thru 4!

"Because their fans - my dear father included - tend to be assholes. Raging, hemorrhoidal assholes."

I CAN'T BELIEVE a Yankee's fan just had the audacity to say this. Really, I'm stunned. What planet do you live on? The world of sports has never known a fan as obnoxious and asshole-esque as a Yankee fan.

I wish Carlos Beltran all the best, but you should have resigned with the Astros when you had the chance, you fucking dirtbag. Enjoy 100 losses per season, just like you did in Kansas City.

best Yankee ever: NONE.

Prehaps your post finally inspired the Mets on this day. Thank you.

One of the after-effects of last year's World Series loss was having to listen to the insipid bellowing from Mets fans.

Another after-effect seems to be suffering from delusions. The Yanks didn't lose last year's World Series, they choked in the ALCS.

Mike's right, you clowns had no World Series loss because the Sox made sure your scrawny tails stayed home.

Good point, Mike. Error on my part. Or wishful thinking.

I have to agree with oledirtybastard (and how many times a day do you ever get to say that?). I've lived in NY my whole life (40 years) and Yankee fans, in general, are the worst. During the times the Yankees are not doing that well (and yes, there have been those times - albeit not that many in recent memory), you see those people hopping off the bandwagon in droves. Then one good season and bam... everyone is a die-hard Yankee fan who has "always" loved the Yankees. Ask them to name one member of the Yankees from the late 80's besides Mattingly and they suddenly change the subject though.

And the ones that DID love the Yankees the whole time are even worse. You would think fans whose team has won as much as the Yankees have would manage to figure out how to become gracious about it at some point. I can almost understand why Mets fans become such assholes the minute the Yankees show the least sign of weakness - maybe if you hadn't been such arrogant dickheads while you were at the top, the rest of the world wouldn't take such glee in your losing moments.

I'm not a Mets fan either btw, and they do have more than their share of assholes (maybe it's just a NY thing- more assholes per capita in general?) but for pure unadulterated Grade-A assholeyness you have to go to a Yankees fan.

Hope you don't take all this personally Michele - you seem like a very nice person and I really enjoy your site so I'm sure you're the exception to the rule :-)

Ended nicely, bklyngirl :-)

And I saw more people hop on the Mets bandwagon in 86 than any other team's bandwagon, ever.

I tend to stick with my team through good times and bad. After all, I am a fan of both the Jets and the Islanders. I'm used to losing. The Yanks are my saving grace. Sometimes.

Error on my part. Or wishful thinking.

It can't be an error, Michele - you don't make many mistakes.