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portrait of a day

Busy day. Baseball, birthday stuff, bowling.

For those keeping tabs (the whole two of you), DJ's team won, he had two bunt singles, an RBI, a run scored and played admirably at second, flawlessly at third and bobbled the ball during a one inning stint in the outfield. He redeemed himself with a fine play at third the next inning.

It was a great day. Filled with family, fun and awesome spring weather. I love this time of year. Even if it means a steady diet of Sudafed and Claritin, it's still worth every sneeze and itch.

And I'll have you know I bowled a 62. I think that's an all time high for me. Without bumpers, even!

Pictures below the fold.


Congrats to DJ! And some nice pics.

Preview of YOUR future... hubby, Siobhan and I spent the last 3 days doing the college road trip bit. Thursday 7 hr drive to Frisco, Friday individual tour of SFSU and day/night on the town, Saturday "sneak preview day" at SFSU then a 6.5 hr drive back home.

Now I just got to keep worrying about paying for it. They are "fee-ing" me to death as it is right now.

You, too, will be doing this in...3 years? right?

You take some great pics. I especially like the baseball action pic, looks like a fairly good bunt if it stayed fair. Did it?

Ha! My all time at bowling is 136! I usually average in the 75-105 range though. Yes, all without bumpers.

I am glad to hear somebody besides me understands the value of the bunt in youth baseball. The county overlords have granted me a head coaching slot this year, and my team will bunt, a lot. I noticed last year that most of the 3rd basemen in the league play back in the outfield grass. I also didn't see a single kid attempt a bunt all year long. Our first practice is Wed - I am psyched. Probably more so than the kids.