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you know you're a geek if....

So I wasn't aware that I shouldn't take Vicodin on an empty stomach. As such, I spent most of this morning lying on the couch willing myself not to throw up. I really don't know anyone who likes throwing up, but I have this bizarre, deep fear of vomiting. So every time a wave of nausea came along, I would take my mind off of it by reciting the text crawl to Episode IV: A New Hope.

By the time I got to "pursued by the Empire's sinister agents," the nausea would ease up.

So now I'm stuck in this weird place - I need to take the Vicodin for the pain (the amount of which I totally underestimated), but I need to eat to take the Vicodin, and I'm not really supposed to be eating anything. Catch 22!

I guess I'll start reciting the crawl from Empire soon.

And thank you to all who sent emails with advice and well wishes. And Keith, I'm holding you to that promise of pie.

It's pill poppin' time!

Rather than bore you with more dental blogging, I think I'll just go back on the couch and not turn the computer on again until this evening, when I will finally announce the Twinkie Poetry winner. I was told to watch silly movies. I shall obey.


try Slimfast shakes or something similar.

Funny, seems like more people credit Lucas for inducing nausea.

Also, the name of the movie is STAR WARS. Not "Episode IV", not "A New Hope", not "Let's See How Much Money We Can Get These Numbnuts To Pay To See The Same Movie With 'Added' 'Features'".

The end.

You're more or less inspiring me to write the story of when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. If I could find the time.

Ginger Ale works for me. Also, only take half the vicodin. It will alleviate pain without the nausea.

Disconnect, that's the version my son watched endlessly when he was young and thus is the version etched in my brain.

They really should have given you percacet or endocet :(

How about a "root canal" or "tooth pulling" poetry contest to pass the day? Winner gets whatever is left of your vicodin.
Feel Better

My wife never could stomach the Vicodin they prescribed her when she had her wisdom teeth pulled. She had to go back and get a prescription for Tylenol + Codeine, which didn't cause any trouble and took care of the pain nicely.

Damn! I read the title and thought "Finally, a contest I can win!"


Taking Vicodin on a full stomach probably won't help much if you are sensitive. If the nausea doesn't settle down soon (it could be from the sedation) - I'd get on the horn for a new script before the weekend.


I just had a wisdom tooth pulled not too long ago. Dr, prescribed 800mg Ibuprofen and some Lortab just in case the ibuprofen wasnt strong enough. the ibuprofens did the trick, and the Lortabs were just icing on the cake.

Hmmm. I just posted a comment and it disappeared so if this ends up duplicating itself somehow....maybe I can blame it on YOUR drugs instead of mine.

Anyway - try taking a half pill every 4 hours instead of 8 hours (or whatever the RX says), and take it with milk instead of water...also eat a few bites of bread first so that you have something in your stomach.

If the nausea persists, call your dentist and ask him to change the prescription to Percoset. Some people just have different reaction to drugs - one of my kids couldn't tolerate Erythomyacin, which was the first line antibiotic being prescribed at the time for ear infections; it made him sick to his stomach.

At least you can take comfort in the knowledge if Vicodin disagrees with you, you're safe from Rush Limbaugh syndrome.
There's always a silver lining.

You could take three vicodin and wash them down with a wine cooler and pretend your Paula Abdul!

Actually, I don't recommend straying from your prescription or drinkng booze with it.

Vicodin doesn't work for me at all. I always request the percosets.

FYI, both will constipate you beyond belief. TMI? Maybe, but it's true so the less you take the better.

Send me a shipping address and desired filling, along with an "all clear" when your dentist pronounces you pie-capable.

Yes, you WILL have pie. After this, you definitely deserve it.

I had some teeth pulled about a year and a half ago. The Vicoden made the movie Panic Room far more interesting. The little 'travel through the house at high speed' shots were amazing.

And yes the food catch 22 sucks. I remember dipping bread in Sprite and swallowing the soggy gunk.

Ice cream, pudding, and jello (flavors without nuts and fruits.) Soup. Pasta. Yogurt. Cooked oatmeal (again, no nuts or things like scotch cut oats that have hard crumbs.) Pancakes (I wouldn't trust waffles.)

Hope you're feeling better.

oh, man, you're sposed to get a tooth pulled or something before you take one of those?


Get well soon!

Eat pudding in the little cups. Applesauce. Don't drink milkshakes or anything out of a straw because sucking on it can cause the clot to come out causing a dry socket which will hurt so bad that you will be looking for your gun to shoot yourself. Ice cream is ok, orange sherbet is my favorite when I'm sick. Take your vicodin in halves, twice as often. 1/2 every 3 hours instead of 6 for example. The applesauce will make you all better when you take them.
I laughed my ass off at Shaun of the Dead on vicodin, I just got 8 porceline (sp?) crowns done in Juarez, and then ate hard stuff too soon and made my damn mouth sore. I'll never go anywhere else again, cheap, clean, good work, and did I mention cheap? 1400 for all 8. It would have cost me 6000 WITH insurance here.
Hang in there, vicodin is your friend, I've always believed in better living through chemistry........

Hope you feel better.

P.S. Send unused Vicodin. Mailing address to follow.

be sure to eat something with that stuff.

I had mine out while I was in college on summer break, so I was still at my parents house. I wasn't told not to chew anything, and my throat hurt too much to swallow so I spent three days living on oysters drowned in cocktail sauce. Just throw them in your mouth and they crawl down your throat for you; no chewing, no crumbs left over.
For the pain I washed the oysters down with the old man's scotch. It's a regimen I highly recommend.

Just throw them in your mouth and they crawl down your throat for you; no chewing, no crumbs left over.


The point is to help Michele beat the nausea, not encourage it.....

There's a big difference between having a little something in your stomach and eating a five course meal. You could try eating something small first or with your pill.

But, your nausea may be due to the pill itself and not the drug. Try crushing it into smaller pieces and taking it that way.

Frankly, opiates in pill form give me terrible stomach cramps. Eating something before taking the meds did help, though.

The Vicodin-on-an-empty-stomach is a mistake everyone makes.. once. It is such a horrendous experience that one never ever makes it again.

See, there's a silver lining!