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you take the good, you take the bad

One impacted wisdom tooth pulled.

One prescription for Vicodin.

See you tomorrow.


A good bottle of red wine goes well with the vicodin.

Accident Prone

If they tell you to ice it, do it. It doesn't hurt at all when you are all drugged up, so you think why bother.

When you have to go back the next day and have them cut the stitches out because your gums are so swollen the stitches cut through them, well that's why...

Make sure you follow the after care instructions carefully. If you develop dry socket the pain will make the impact wisdom tooth feel like a walk in the park.

And Vicodin??!! That sucks. I got Percocet when I got my wisdom teeth pulled.

Impacted....ouch. Hope when they gave you the prescription it was for the big party pack!

I've had 3 different operations to remove my wisdom teeth. The first 2 (bottom) were the hardest. I wish I knew what the navy did exactly but I had 2 days bedrest and eating sucked.

1 of the uppers came out real easily. The other upper was jammed way back in but after knocking me out, removing it was a sinch.

Better pull-and-dull than root canal. There's always a teeny little nub of electrifying exposed nerve left at the bottom of the root.

Yanks for the Memories!

How'd you get to be in your, ah, late 20s and still have wisdom teeth?

Been There is right about the ice. And don't be shy about asking for something stronger if the Vicodin doesn't do the trick.

Feel better.

I recommend high-quality peruvian flake.

I'm from the generation that saw The Marathon Man set back dentistry by at least a hundred years.

But part of the problem is just plain 'ol marketing. The name for this procedure, root canal just screams unpleasantness, doesn't it?

Call it something else.. and the patients will flock to you. Something catchy, I don't know, how about a tickledy-bump-de-boo?

(with apologies to Mel Brooks)

I've still got three left. Vicodin here I come!

Get well soon, hon!

(Yeah, I called you hon. Sue me, I'm old.)

I'm in my mid to late 20's and I've still got 5 wisdom teeth left (yeah, I know, I'm a freak. Got 2 wisdom's on my top left side.

Ooooooh, gonna listen to some Lou Reed?

Take tomorrow off, do some Vicodin blogging.

Vicodin blogging might be cool. Once, when on Versed during outpatient laser surgery, I offered to take the doctor out to get some hookers.

With my wife in the room

Dang, that stuff was good...

Slartibartfast ~ I had a procedure done where I was given Versed and the doctor told me that it was a great drug for patients because they (usually) remembered nothing of the procedure, or the pain involved...but it caused them to say the most amazing things to total strangers...lol. So I can totally believe your story.

Michele ~ I'm with Ilyka...I had my wisdom teeth taken out at 18 (all four at once) and lived on Percoset during the recovery. Both my boys have had theirs out, also...I thought it was standard practice these days for dentists to recommend them being pulled before the age of 20 in order to avoid what you've had happen.

I'm glad you've gotten this one taken care of - did your dentist talk about doing the others?

Hope you get all the medicating you need and feel better soon...

I'm sure you're still not smoking, but if you've started again... DON'T! I did and I got that dry socket thing that someone mentioned above.. it hurt worse than 10 of the actual surgeries. Quite actually, it was the worst pain I've EVER experienced. Follow thier directions to the T!

Oh, and I've had two root canals done and had none of the problems described by one of the previous commenters... no nerves left, etc. My dentist wants to do two more, so I'm hoping they go as well..

I've had both done, and prefer root canals if I must have one or the other.

Follow the instructions. Ice. No hard-crumb foods for a couple of days at least. You do NOT want a dry socket.

(And get well soon!)

I think you do want a dry socket, because a wet one can get you 110 volts at 20 amps, and you really don't want that.

2. 4. 6. 8. Don't forget to irrigate! And goooooo Vicodin!

Hope you're waking up feeling better today (and much less nauseated than when I had mine done)... Thinking of you!

Do not irrigate! Follow thier instuctions to the "T" as a previous poster mentioned. No drinking from straws, no carbinated drinks, no smoking... I'm sure ya got the sphell and then some. I've worked 14yrs as a chairside assistant, and have seen (and smelled) way too many dry socket cases to count (real fun when the sinus cavity is involved). Just gently rinse as they instructed you.

Another bonus to your stopping smoking a while back, you will heal quicker than a smoker(or tobacco) user would.

Finish off whatever prescription they give you, all of it. Serosuly, nothing is worse than the pain you'll get the week aftr because you thought you were fine after a few days. I know!

When you are better, I shall send you a pie.

BeckyS, I irrigated when I had my impacted wisdom tooth removed 3 years ago because they TOLD me to do so (with a diagram, even) -- they even gave me the plastic tool to do it with. So...her mileage may vary...

I hope you feel better soon!

Man, I hate Vicodin. Whoever mentioned Percocet, that's the ticket.

Robyn, if you irrigated when you had your impacted wisdom tooth removed 3 years ago it should not have been right after your extraction. The first 24hrs after an extraction is critial to keeping the blood clot that forms in place. You lose the clot you get drysocket simple as that, dry socket is where the bone is exposed and that is why it is one of the reasons it hurts like hell for most people, not to mention all the nice bacteria that sets up in there with no coverage. It is possible to lose a clot even if you have stiches, as when the swelling starts to go down the stiches loosen just a bit.

If you reflect back on your procedure, are you 100% positive they told you to irrigate that day? Or was it after 24hrs from the extractions, or did you have a mild case of dry socket?

Generally when a syringe is given for irrigation, in relation to tooth extractions, it is 1) Prior to surgery where a flap of tissue is loose over an impacted wisdom tooth and food has been packing in, causing irritation to the tissue and causing possible tooth decay. 2) After surergy when dry socket is the culpret, need to irrigate the area to flush out the food bits that get lodged in the area.You continue to do this until the hole closes.

If you did indeed irrigate right after surgery and did not get dry socket consider yourself fortunate. As for what you have stated it is not the standard and usual protocol.

Michele I wish you a speedy recovery, just follow your doctors instructions and just ignore us internet folks for treatment advice. Which I'm sure you are anyway :)