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mirrored self affliction

I have a dentist appointment at 3pm today. They will decide my fate then - either pull the offending tooth or do a root canal. I've been living with this pain so long it feels like part of me now. It will be weird to not have this throbbing sensation in my mouth.

Ewww, get your mind out of that place right now.

I've too much dental anxiety going on right now to post anything, except these few tidbits.

The Twinkie Poetry contest has ended. Judging is in the final stages and I will announce the winner tonight.

And just so you know:

Pope John Paul II is being reborn in a Colombian comic book as a superhero battling evil with an anti-Devil cape and special chastity pants.

I wonder if those chastity pants come in size teenage daughter.

Back tonight with tales of dentistry hell.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you who won my Comedy Final Four.

Here's a hint: Shut the fuck up, Donny.

Was there ever any doubt?

Oh, and this revelation: I have finally learned to appreciate all that is/was good about David Lee Roth.


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Wouldn't the yellow cape and green chastity pants clash?

"I wonder if those chastity pants come in size teenage daughter."

LOL. An old friend recently had a daughter. I reminded him of stories how we were when we were teenagers, trying to see and touch the goodies of any receptive female, and how the circle of life would repeat with his daughter.

He hasn't called me since. :D

I didn't make it past the throbbing part...

Lucky for me, the tooth that needs to be pulled already had a root canal so there is no pain. Which might be a bad thing because it lets me keep putting it off.

Oh give me a break, Michele, The Big Lebowski as the March Madness Comedy Winner?! You must have NO sense of humor! Granted, I've never actually seen The Big Lebowski, but as a non-blogging commenter, I KNOW that my opinions are correct...

(Uh, sorry, I think I've read too many trollish comments in the past few weeks and have contracted the disease)

Drawing flies? Do chastity pants even have a fly?

I had a painful wisdom tooth pulled not too long ago. I'd never had one pulled before and was kind of bent before going there (thinking it was going to be an inquisition experience). But, it took the oral surgeon all of 20 seconds to remove it, and he gave me a prescription for hydrocodone, which I discovered is teh uber roXor dental dope. Was good to get the malcontent outta my head and have wholesome, legal drugs for a week.

I just had the same problem...the dentist said that the tooth could be saved, got halfway thru the RC, and then decided that it couldn't be saved and pulled it.

So I got the pain of the RC and the extraction--all for one low cost.

glad that the throbbings' gone...but man....

You finally learned to appreciate all that is/was good about David Lee Roth?

Pain can do that to you.