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Real Baseball

It's the best night of the year, baseball-wise.

Little League Opening Night.

DJ is finally in the majors and he's the starting pitcher tonight.

A boy in his natural habitat.

I can't wait to start taking pictures this season. It's almost 70 degrees out. There's a game tonight.


(Hey, don't forget the Twinkie Poetry Contest. A new prize has been added!)


Baby went to the shop today for post winter maintenance.

A road trip could be in a certain Porsche's future.


Good Luck to DJ tonight, this member of Red Sox Nation will be rooting for him.

He couldn't possibly choke as bad as Mariano did today. I think I saw Steinbrenner have an anyeurism.

Seriously, good luck to the little dude.

I finally got granted a team this year so I'm back in the baseball coaching ranks. The draft is tonight - although I'm not sure how this works since we don't have tryouts. I guess I'll be drafting the kids with cool sounding baseball names :)

The best baseball in the world is little league baseball, no egos and tons of heart.

Thought I'd let you know, added you to the blogroll (would have done it sooner but we can be a bit slow on the uptake sometimes)

Good luck to DJ. It's a beautiful day for it.

Reading this post I was reminded of the vow made in this post. ;-)

Spring has sprung and fall has fell,

the summers in Texas are hotter than hell.

Thank you. Yes!

How'd he do?

Never mind. Just saw the more recent post. Hey, at least you had great weather!

Here's hoping DJ does better in little league than I did.

(Five years -- ages 6-10 -- in various leagues. Never hit anything more than a triple, and only did that once. Never won a title. Never made a great play. Embarrassed myself the only time I played First Base -- normally I was the catcher.)

Last night's South Park was about little league, too. Sometimes, I felt like that.