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Bottom of the 9th. 3-2 pitch. Tie game.

Who's the man?

Jeter's the man.


But Johnny Damon's cuter.

I'm not big on the "Jeter is sexy" thing, but Damon? Barf.

So I caught some of the Cubbies and D-backs last night. I saw that Royce Clayton let his hair grow out.

You don't think he's superstitious, do you?

Arroyo is the cute one.

Arroyo is the cute one.

He's not just a player, he's a crooner.

I'd hit it.

Ha! Is that really him? wow!!

There's a man in mourning here!

They all pale in comparison to Tino.

And I totally agree with Michele about Damon.

Is it all about looks to you people? Yep, Jeter pulled it out today, which. as we all know, he's done so many times before.

But need I remind you there's 160 games left, and it will take some months before we find out if Steinbrenner bought another title.

But until then, you should take the advice The Wolf from Pulp Fiction gave to Vincent & Jules after the car was cleaned up.

Yes, I'm a Red Sox fan.

Holy crap, Michele. That picture. I'd hit it, too. yum.

Thats Arroyo - sans rasta hairdo? Wow - he IS quite a looker.

Geeze, I have GOT to get a microphone. And it's funny how no one's throwing their panties at (fucking!) Matsui, even though he's the one kicking our ass consistently.

I tend to separate my baseball skills worship from my pretty face worship. And I ain't throwing no panties. Especially at a Red Sox guy.

No matter how hot he is.

Matsui freakin' rocks!

Tino's still way hotter, though. I mean, come on.

When did this stop being about BASEBALL???
Jezus, you want the best looking clib, or the best playing club.



Hahahaha - I'd take the best playing club definitely. But having good looking players helps with the "spectator sport" aspect.