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there's sad and then there's creepy

Ok, one thing, while I take a short break from work.

Last night I mentioned that I was persuing a thread over at Fark about sad songs. Well, someone posted something about Red Sovine and his description of the Sovine songs intrigued me. So I checked out the lyrics.

"Now, I'm not supposed to bother you fellows out there Mom says you're busy and for me to stay off the air But you see, I get lonely and it helps to talk
'Cause that's about all I can do, I'm crippled, and, I can't walk!"
I came back and told him to fire up that mike
And I'd talk to him, as long as he liked

There's sad and then there's pandering for the tears and tissues dollar.

And she told be again, That ours was a love.. That time could never erase.
And then I thought I heard a thousand voices singing
But I realized it was the telephone ringing.
And that's when I saw the halo
Surround her pretty golden hair.

Then there's this one, where he's singing about the dress he's burying his wife in. And this one about a boy buying roses for his dead mama.

And this one about a girl who knows damn well her daddy wishes she was a boy:

Daddys girl, Daddys girl.
I'm the center, of Daddys world.
I know I'm Daddys number one,
For he loves me like I was his son.
Daddys girl.

I think I have finally found something worse than Christmas Shoes.


God, Michele, warn a girl when you're gonna make her laugh her ass off.

Worse than Christmas Shoes? Say it ain't so!

Laugh all you want--but it used to be scarier to walk into a strange bar and hear country on the jukebox in Red Sovine's day.

Modern Country songwriting, with a couple of exceptions, and country record labels ditto, are the things that suck. If you haven't caught it yet, the otherwise detestable CMT reran a cool documentary of theirs about the last years of Johnny Cash's life and career. After doing a hell of a lot of the work in building the country fanbase, Nashville discarded him in favor of cute little fellas in cowboy hats. He spent his last years using the Beastie Boys' producer, made some great albums, and got a video award for a cover of a Nine Inch Nails song.

The New Traditionalists have their heart in the right place, and there are some fine country voices which don't need enhancement in production, and do need decent songs to sing, but Country today is overwhelmingly for twinks, all power ballads and stale recycled Southern-rock boogie. One can expect nothing else when the songs are picked by guys with ponytails.

Don't forget Zappa's "Why does it hurt when I pee" - a sad song if there ever was one. And a ballad! :) lol

I hate emo

In the 70s, Mack David was a semi-regular guest on Johnny Carson. One night, Carson asked what was the saddest song Mack had ever written or sang. David reached over, plucked a guitar from behind that couch and sang...

"I'm drinkin' Christmas dinner all alone this year..."

I hate emo

Who asked you?

Did you delete the longer thread that was here, or am going crazy? Not that those two things are mutually exclusive.

You're half crazy. That was last night's thread, linked in the post.

Funny, on your sad songs thread I was going to suggest "The Little Girl" by John Micheal Montgomery. If you hate Christmas Shoes, you'd really hate this one. It's based on a chain email as well. However, it's one of my favorites. It's probably the saddest "Christian" song I've ever heard, except for maybe "Why me, Lord?" . It waits to the end to slap you in the face, and then it just stops. No hope, no redemption, nothing they teach you in songwriting classes.

Nueroto, you're pretty much on the mark. I run into those ponytail guys at Kroger quite often. Funny, almost all of them are from NY or LA. But hope is on the horizon. Brad Paisley can just flat out write, sing and play. Alison Kraus is inventing a new type of music (I call it "Glam-grass"). O Brother sent shockwaves through Nashville - a country craze that the Powers that Be had nothing to do with.

And the first winner of Nashville Star was a 40-something fat guy (with incredible talent). AI would NEVER do that (Rueben was young compared to Buddy Jewell). Yes, there is hope.

Thinking about sappy songs reminded me of my favorite verse in one of my favorite songs. Don't know if you're familiar with Tonio K, Michele, but he did some great stuff in the 80's, if you can get by the Henleyesque stuff about how a small cabal of white businessmen runs the world.

Anway, this his typically touching take on breaking up, in a song called "H.A.T.R.E.D."

I know I'm acting immature
I'm acting like a child
I should display some self-control
Instead of going wild like this
And I do wish I could accept all this
As life, which includes pain
And act upon the actual fact
That nobody's to blame
Ah yes, I wish I was as mellow
As, for instance Jackson Browne
But "Fountain of Sorrow" my ass, motherfucker
I hope you wind up in the ground

Brad Paisley has the best version I have ever heard of the hymn "In the Garden". It is absolutely beautiful.

I remember Red Sovine most from when I was a kid before cable was big and then later pre-internet and the mail order greatest hits albums were even bigger now via the TV ads that said call some 800 number (for credit or COD) and an address for (checks or money orders) at the end on a blue screen.

They used to play almost every song you've mentioned here and some others. The Sovine one ran more than the Marty Robbins one (I memorized the intro to El Paso before I'd even heard the whole song.)

"El Paso" itself is fairly maudlin; I used to mock it.

"Out in the west Texas town of El Paso,
I caught a dose of the Mexican clap...."

I think what will cheer Michele up is "The Phantom Windbreaker" by the probably-pseudonymous Red Bovine.