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i've got a secret

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I actually had a more serious entry than this, but I'm not posting it here. Because there are some things that should just remain under wraps.

Besides, maybe this will encourage you to admit to your own dark secrets.

Here's one more.


Do you really want some herpes,
Do you really want to make me cry?

Oh, those crazy eighties!

"Making Love (out of nothing at all)" is a goddamn jinx. Everytime I hear that song something very bad happens in my life.

that site is actually pretty cool and slightly moving - since it takes stuff we hide and makes them out to beautiful.

or maybe i'm just an art geek.

I had the same reaction, Winston.

I'm thinking of bidding on a pac-man potato chip. Or is that too dark?

Now I sound like Im just trying to be cool, but I thought that too when I was looking at the site.

One can never truly explain the under-rated musical genius of Air Supply.


some of the cards seem a put-on or lark

and some just pierce me right through the heart

I've been reading that site for the last six or eight months. VERY moving.

Ive Got You...

Makes me think about secrets in my own life...