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Chips for Charity!


That's Mikey, aka the Gene Rayburn of the blogosphere, and he's selling his one of a kind Pac-Man potato chip (named Stan)! Golden Palace has yet to make an offer, so if you hurry you can win the bid!

Yea, I know what you're thinking. You can create your own Pac-Man chip with just a bite or two. But will yours raise money for a good cause? Sam will.

So, break out your checkbooks, ladies and germs and offer up a pence or two for Stan. All proceeds raised from this auction will be donated to AIDS Walk San Diego via Rock the Walk.

Chips for Charity. Yum.


don't forget - the winner of the auction also gets a ham. yup, we're throwing in a ham, because we're just that cool!

Fried pork rinds and PBR for tonight's game, M.


Bite, shmite.

I can make you a whole bagful of Pac-Man potato chips.

I'm serious. Should I? Should we auction them off for charity?

Oh, and mine would be round, too. It's a simple matter of slitting the chip before you fry it, and choosing potatoes that have a brown streak inside for the eye.