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more dental blogging [with non-imminent death notice update]

In no mood to blog today. I'll be spending the morning finding a dentist who a) takes my insurance and b) will see my immediately (see here for previous whine). I think the entire right side of my face is paralyzed now (me, exaggerate? that's unpossible!) and I'm going to have to see my regular doctor after I see the dentist. If I don't die first. Because I swear to you, I am in the throes of an agonizing death right now. Remember, cremation, no burial! Spread my ashes over Yankee Stadium. Right over third base, so I can keep an eye on A Rod and haunt him when he leaves men in scoring position.

Ok, one quick thing. I had a dream last night that I was stuck in an episode of Leave it to Beaver, in which he contracts Avian flu and I told him "Wow, you're really ahead of your time, Beav!" To which he replies "Oh, not really. Some guy from the future snuck up on me and put tainted bird seeds in my lunch! That's how I got. Gee, that's kinda mean!" Sure is, Beav. Sure is.

I think the infection is eating my brain.

I'm going to amuse myself with the Singing Homer Simpson soundboard until I get to the dentist. [via Scott]

Update: Found a dentist! When I explained what was going on, the woman said "you should probably get over here right now." Umm..yay?

Update again: So, I'm not dying, I don't need any body parts amputed and it's nothing a round of antiobotics (and a move from acetaminophen to ibuprofen) and an extraction later in the week won't cure.

Though the idea of an extraction has me feeling a bit queasy.


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Leave it to Beaver had the dirtiest line ever on broadcast TV (before NYPD Blue).

Yeah, sounds like a raging bacterial infection. I'd blame the Red Sox.

If I've told you once, I've told you a million times... don't exaggerate!

Good luck at the dentist.

As long as you don't have a craving for human brains, I think you'll be ok. ;)

I hope you feel better! I know how you feel, I had an abcessed tooth and then had to have teeth 7,8, 9,10 pulled. I had dental implants put in. Drilling into the bone to plant the fake teeth = not a lot of fun.

Course now I have super bionic teeth!

Good luck Michele... just remember that not all dentist experiences are like Sir Lawrence Olivier while he works on Dustin Hoffman.

Um... gee... hope that's not the last thing ya think about before going in ;-)


Glad to hear you'll be with us for a while longer, even though I was kinda getting excited about the possibility of that ASV t-shirt I ordered becoming an instantly priceless collector's item.

I have had multiple extractions (I grit my teeth and since my baby teeth were staying in because of this, the dentist forced the issue). I feel for ya, Michele.

Correction, ALL Dentists are, in the center of their black souls, Olivier-on-Hoffman types. But oral surgeons are nice.


I am an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and I have only one piece of advice for you: TAKE THE DRUGS!!! You won't regret it.


hmm, 'extraction' sounds a lot like 'pulling out' to me. At least it's not an 'early' extraction.

I have TMJ in my right jaw and it's bad enough to cause problems for me whenever I need dental work, even cleanings - I can't open my jaw very wide and need to ask the dentist to stop every few minutes so I can close my jaw and relieve the pain.

Rather than take an hour or two for what should be a quick procedure, my dentist gives me 'laughing gas' in addition to novacaine. I can control the amount by how deeply I breathe in and it helps immensely - I recommend it for anyone who has to undergo dental work.

My dentist also has CD players for his patients to listen to, with a nice selection of music - sure helps to drown out the sound of the drill!

Hmmm...changing acetaminophen to ibuprofen? When I had a similar problem (before seeing the dentist), I was taking 800 mg of Advil every 4 hours, and it wasn't even touching the pain. After seeing the dentist, he put me on antibiotics and good ol' Tylenol No.3. I added another plain Tylenol to that every once in a while in the beginning and after the extraction, and that seemed to be more helpful. Should've asked for Percocet... ;)

Yes, welcome to the USA where being in unrelived pain is just YOUR contribution to the War on Drugs!
We thank you for your support.

Ibuprofin will reduce pain and swelling, whereas acetaminophen will only reduce pain.

Of course, it has the nasty side-effect of slowly destroying your liver, but who cares about that when there is pain and swelling going on!?

Also... You can combine Ibuprofin and Tylenol without a problem. 800mgs of Tylenol is the most common prescription stregth.

See, I told you weren't dying, maybe next time you will listen :)

Good Luck - had four impacted molars removed, and I am only partly brain-damaged.

Im glad to hear that, YANKEES SUCK BITCHES!!
Red Sox Baby