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Game On

What the hell. May as well give the voodoo a try again. It may not work, but it sure stirs up the shit. And I'm nothign if not a shit stirrer.

Update (a.m.): Well, that was a very satisfying way to start the season.

I heart Tino.


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I'd say it's working.


June. June we do the voo-doo juju.

and then just pile the cars on the back of the train ride and BURY them.

If voodoo juju worked, the Rockies would have won it 3 of the past 4 years. But no, still have to watch the Yankees and Red Sox every freaking time.

It doesn't matter anyway. I'll give Terry Francona a call and tell him to stay home because this is the year for the Cubbies!

Randy Johnson against Boomer? Come on, I think you are wasting your voodoo mojo.

Hi! You want David Wells back? You can have him. CHEEP (as the little bird says).

Haven't we re-lived play-by-play the 2004 ALCS enough already, John Miller?

Damnit, you're a Yankee. Why are you trying on voodoo anyone? Quit focusing your attention on one team - or any team. Let the Sox fans be the ones that obsess over one team.

(I'm thinking of Costanza screaming "We're Yankees!" with Danny Tartabull)

It turned out we just unleash TINO on their ass...



Hopefully the karma is reversed in a couple weeks, when they're on MY home turf.

Why did we think Wells was a good choice?

sorry, but no. This is a "bury you bastards' scenario, like 1998

You guys are gone, just freaking buried, or we come out of the stands and kill the pishers.

One freaking game.
See you tomorrow.

One game at a time. That's how we do it.

Tried to wath the game on ESPN2. Unfortunately, the producer felt that everyone would be far more interested in non-stop steroid policy discussions -- to the point where an early-inning run-scoring double was ignored by the announcers.

Couldn't even turn the sound off and watch, as they overlaid the screen with steroid-policy graphics.

Turned it off around the end of inning 3. What are they thinking at ESPN?

It's a long season, Michele. Let the champagne age a little.