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i forgot to remember

A few reminders:

Today is daylight savings time. You just lost an hour of your life. Don't panic, you'll get it back in the fall.

Your spring wardrobe is not complete until you have an ASV shirt.

It's Opening Day Night. All your Yankee needs/Red Sox bashing can be found over at Coalition of the Dark Side. Today I rant a bit aboutoday I vented a bit about playing under the lights instead of under the sun.


Okay, M, you must get to the dentist tomorrow and get the teeth pain resolved pronto because tomorrow night -- GO HEELS!

Of course, should you drop dead before the game starts, you are absolved from rooting, although I cannot vouch for your afterlife.

It always throws me off for a few days but then i guess used to it but i set my clocks before i go to bed and my computer clock resets itself and i hear at DISNEYLAND and DISNEY WORLD its realy a hard time becuase of all the clocks there including the one at CINDDERELLAS castle