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songs, songs, songs

First: This week's edition of Match Game is up. See how many of my retarded, sexually deviant answers you can match.

Second: I finally added some new songs to the 500 Songs Annotation site.

And now, more songs and why I love them (as requested here today).

Wait. Before I write about more songs, I need to talk about the new Nine Inch Nails song. Not The Line Begins to Blur, which I posted about a while ago, but the new radio single, The Hand That Feeds. Well. It sounds like Trent dragged out the rhyming dictionary and then phoned in the resulting poetry. I hate it. HATE it. And you have no idea how it tears my heart apart to hate it so.

However, the more I hear the new Weezer (Beverly Hills) the more I like it. And I heard the new System of a Down song - never have I witnessed a band get so progressively suckier with each effort. Their first album was good. Everything else has been like a parody of that.

Anyhow. Onward.

334: Clash, Straight to Hell
So, I had this cassette tape of Combat Rock. I had a '77 Oldsmobile Omega. Combat Rock got stuck in the tape deck of the Omega. Not only did it get stuck, but part of the tape got eaten so that the only part of the song - the whole tape, in fact - that would play was it ain't Coca-Cola, it's rice. And we listened to it. Over and over again as we drove to the Meadowlands one night on our way to see U2. Everything's amusing when you're young.

63: Candlebox, Far Behind
You know how you just can't help playing air guitar to certain songs? Well, this is an air microphone song. Doesn't matter where I am - car, shower, office, supermarket. When this song comes on, I go into rock star mode. I'm standing on a stage, surrounded by thousands of fist-pumping kids and I'm all sweaty and maybe a little bit drunk and wearing something with leather and sequins and...

I said times have changed your friends
They come and watch you crumble to the ground
They watch you suffer
Yeah they hold you down
Hold you down

You kind of crouch down low at that point in the song, grimace a little, squint your eyes til they are almost closed, make your voice all guttural and full of pain and sorrow and longing and anger and then the kid mopping the floor in the frozen food aisle asks you to please stop or leave the store.

I'll add to this later. Any interest in a Friday five (downloads) tonight? If enough people HOLLA!, I'll upload.

Yea, I just said HOLLA!


HOLLA! Unless it's more R. Kelly. I'm still trying to wash my brain out from that one.

Oh lawd no. I won't do that again. Look around 8ish (EST).


oh wait that's spanish...

I tried to HOLLA but it sounded more like holler.

Go figure.

I tried to hooer but could only yoller