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it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it

I would like to take a moment to call your attention to the fact that I am now a psychiatrist and medical director of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Hospital in Great Neck, New York and I am apparently quite concerned about this marijuana craze that has hit the streets. Of course I am. It's Reefer Madness time, parents! Lock the doors, hide the liquor bottles and take away those crazy rock and roll records!

Because, you know, I care a lot about the gamblers and the pushers and the freaks. I care a lot about the people who live off the street. I care a lot about the welfare of all the boys and girls. I care a LOT about you people cause I'm out to save the world. Yea!


If that doesn't thrill you, you can always try Boring!Boring! While you're drinking some Google Gulp! Or have some USB Fondue.

It's a Sidd Finch world, kids. And as I said a few years ago: This blog will not be participating in any April Fool's Day pranks. Most people think I am full of shit to begin with, so there is no point in striving for that extra level of bs. I just couldn't think of anything clever enough, anyhow.


that wasn't a faith no more rip off by any chance was it? on this blog? I am shocked...

Of course, if you were clever AND good-looking, then you probably would have to act dumb.

Damn that devil weed to the fiery pits of hell! Both idle hands and dope are the Devil's tools!

LOL...that was excellent.

"...suspended somewhere between meltdown and total hysteria", indeed.

i care a lot about Transformers cause theyre more than meets the eye, does that count?

Craziest thing listed:

"In Norway, the authorities estimate that one in five desperate "potheads" engage in drinking their own “bong” water"

Good lord!

That inspired me to leave Ms. Maklin a bad comment.

A very, very, very bad comment.

Oh, well, what the hell.