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spring fling fashion show!

shirt1.jpgHow many times have you said to yourself, gee, if only I had something to wear that would let the world know how cool, hip, trendy and sexy I am?

The wait is over, folks. I have your cool, hip, trendy and sexy clothing right here. That's right. It's your very own ASV shirt, brought to you by the fine folks at Rock'n Clothing.

For only $15, you too can exeperience the pure, unmitigated joy that results from wearing and ASV shirt. Just look at these testimonials:

Model 1: Wearing this shirt made my hair shinier, my teeth whiter, my boobs larger and increased the gas mileage on my car!

Model 2: This ASV shirt gave me the power and confidence I needed in order to kick my best friend's ass in Madden 2005! I also got laid the same night! Had to be the shirt. Nothing else explains it!

Women's shirts are available in a bright, cheerful green which will enhance your assets. Men's shirts are available in black because men in black are sexy.

Both are available with your choice of slogans printed on the back.

tag1.jpg tag2.jpg

If you want to be part of all the rage this spring, head over to Rock'n clothing (also home to fine Ace t shirts) and slip into something more comfortable.

Please note that the shopping cart takes you to PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account to purchase a shirt - they take credit cards.

Note that this is a limited time offer.

Thank you for shopping ASV and have a nice day!

Update: If you buy one, I expect a photo of you wearing the shirt. Especially if you look ripped and badass in it.


Done. And since they "run on the smaller size," I'll look totally ripped and badass in it.

Forget the shirt. How much for what's in it?

(There. Somebody's finally said it.)

Considering I don't do much in the way of clothes shopping, what does "run on the smaller size almost one full size" mean?

But it only made her right boob bigger!

Michelle - I'm a medium kinda chick - does that mean I'd have to get a large. Because ... I don't think I can do that.

Oh, cripes. erase an L. Humble beg your pardon.

OK, I ordered mine.
Hopefully a large won't fit like something intended for a leprechaun. ;-)

Er, they do know you change your header graphics like once every three days, ya? :)

Ordered mine! I'll wear it probably.

Dang, I need a nap. I meant I'll wear it PROUDLY.

Got an XL on the way!