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...fool for a lifetime

Beware the Sid Finch.

Just saying...


In baseball or in life?

Dude could bring it.

I can blog in excess of 150mph, but only when I'm wearing one boot.

Best S.I. ever.


Screw that! I won the lottery!

No kidding, that dick still owes me 20 bucks.

I was in the Mets system in '84 and this guy comes waltzing into camp. Mr. Big friggin unhittable fastball. Mr. Can't Miss. The guy didn't even have a pair of shoes!

So I'm like, dude, zen thing aside, you gotta have some shoes in NY during April and he gives me this whole "the cold is a state of mind" thing. I'm like, ok, but the broken glass in the street is a bitch man, so you gotta have shoes.

Friggin Sid man, says "yah, but I don't have any cash". "Spot me a $20 I'll pay you when I sign a contract"...and kind of winks like the whole zen thing is a put on!

So, I'm like cool! I'm in on the joke and me and Mr. 150 mph fastball are buds!

Turns out the WHOLE THING was a scam. I hate to break it to you guys, but I happen to know that that dude couldn't even pitch!

So sorry to ruin it for you, but I'm still out 20 man!

...and shun the frumious bandersnatch.

Somebody should bring up why the designated hitter is ruining baseball. You know, back in the day . . . Oy. That Sid Finch he could really bring the heat, yeah, with some extra oy on it. He is my number one pick on my Hot Stove No Life Dream Team TM. Oy, he's way better than any Sid from any other era, no matter how you measure it. If only there were more Kids for Sids programs, there would be a lot less drug use. Or not. If drugs are outlawed, only . . . . blah. Seventy homers? Never hit one against Sid. . . blah blah.