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Leaning on the pedestal that holds my self denial*

[graphic from here, where there are more to choose from.]

According to Rox, Some guy who calls himself the Heretik says it's National Blog Comment Week and, while I think he's being a bit facetious, why the fuck not?

Besides, this post is a placeholder for something I was going to say, but I'm biting my tongue because I don't feel like bullshit today. I may look like shit, but I don't feel like wading in it.

So I'll just have a nice cup of shut the hell up and implore you all to take part in the psuedo holiday of National Blog Comment Week. Because my blog is the most asshole EVER, I demand the most comments! No lurking allowed. DELURK, DAMN YOU!

God damn, it hurts to bite your tongue this hard.



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It's international blog comment week. Guess they now have a week for everything, which only means that International Bozzy Lookalike... [Read More]


Woo.. first comment!

My cat's breath smells like cat food!

I love the little chimps at the top of the comments window. One is George W., but who is the other one?

Ohhh....must be Jeb. My mistake!

Keep up the good work.

Why is the sky blue? Because it reflects the sea. Oh, wait, that's not right at all. Never mind. ;-)

(proud of myself for resisting the urge to fight with "TeamChimpy")

Oh sure, you already get tons of comments, and now you bleg for more. Comment hog! Just post another pic, people start delurking in droves. Break out the delurking mug!

I think that you should come comment on all us little people's sites in honor of the occasion.

Great job, midwest man. Please credit that graphic to its source if you could. ELIZABETH@ I SHAVED MY LEGS FOR THIS reminds us why writers are nothing without readers.

Oh,and what is up with both Cubs and Cards on your page? Is that some National League identity crisis going on there?

I refuse to stop lurking! You can't make me comment..err...wait...

Damn you and your wiley powers...

You should delink yourself. Guaranteed comment landslide.

There. I've commented. Now do I get a prize, or what?

Michelle, my blog secretly stares at your blog and plays Sick of Myself over and over.

That little bitch The Heretik sometimes lurks around The White House blog too. Man, that pisses me off! Even worse, some times he poses as me on the internets when he finally gets up the courage to finally post his wormy little words.

You tell that little piece of dung beetle bait, if I see him again, I will mess him up! But of course in a very ladylike way. Thank you!

Oh my God, I hit the "l" key twice 'cause I was typing too fast. Red alert! Delete comment! Delete comment!

Ooh! comment day! Can I pimp out my blog where I have a review of the new NIN album? :g:

GAHHH! Blog Stalkers.... Run!

you could NEVER get me to comment in a blog..esp yours...NEVER!

Darth Vader: evil bad guy or just misunderstood?

Let loose your tongue!

I am sure the comments will flow afterwards.

Take it from me and anybody who has kids. Darth Vader? Misunderstood bad guy


I got nothing.

This just seems like another way for bloggers to compare dick sizes.


I'll add an inch to yours anyway.

Click on my name for the very best in blogs that combine religion, culture, politics, and lexical excess.

"I bite my tongue everytime you come around,
cause blood in my mouth beats blood on the ground."

(sung over and over in my head as I was going through my divorce ... it may help here. Incubus, Blood on the Ground)

[Insert witty comment here.]

comment. :) there.... doubt I'll get any...comments that is... minds out of the gutter... but anywho...

OK you unholyheathenbabykillernazichristophobescumbucket. I commented!

A variation on what skillzy said: In honor of National Comment Week, you should post your top 10 favorite comments.

Of all time.

In chronological order.

For the following categories: sports, music, movies, video games,cartoons/comics, work, kids, relationships, and misc. Politics and current events are exempt - keep it fun.

Oh, c'mon. It's not like you have anything else to do, right?

Just kidding. Although an anthology of selected emails would probably be a best-seller...I'm continually amazed by what people feel compelled to tell you (mostly that they are idiots, it seems).

Don't worry lurkers, you have until tomorrow. Or Saturday.

I never could figure out all the rule for "This Thing" Week or "That Thing" Week. Does it start on a Monday?

(theological discussion follows, ending shortly after someone emails someone about a "beenie")

Go Cards!

Wait a minute... You mean you can actually post comments on most weblogs? This is pretty neat!

It's my bloggiversary today.

Ummm, poopersniggle. Anyone here ever seen the movie Very Bad Things? Just curious. (Not threadjacking...I swear!!! Comments about that movie can be e-mailed to me instead of posted on this comment thread.)

Your blog is the most asshole ever!

But then, that's probably why I read it...

Actually, 'ohayo' does not mean hello. It means 'good morning'. 'Konnichwa' means hello.

And actually, konichiwa means good afternoon. Konbanwa means good evening. Those crazy Japanese!

Worst blog comment EVER.

My comment has a chewy caramel center covered by rich milk chocolate. Mostly because my chocolate bunny melted on it.

Aw heck... I'd comment if I'd learned myself how to use this intrawebnet thing-a-ma-jig stuff...


Most asshole blog EVER.

[Admin note: edited out because even I have limits]

De-lurking, de-lurking...
ish lurking again -


Nothing particularly clever or snarky to say, except that I like that you've listed your favorite 500+ songs. I'm trying that too, but I'm overloaded with representation from my MP3s and not from CDs, records and tapes. Still, if list-making has any value, a music list is particularly pleasurable.

By the way, your annotations recall for me the joy of reading Nick Hornby's "Songbook." Maybe you've read it too.

Hi! Back to Lurkdom for me...

...had this been an actual comment, you would have been gifted with a combination of fascinating links, interesting trivia, and outstandingly clever snarkings.

We now resume regular commenting. This has been a test of the ASV comment system.

San Dimas High School football rules!

Humorous anecdote: When i am asked for my location in a comment, I usually enter "The Rings of Saturn."

Weird anecdote: I once took an online quiz, "Which planet are you?" and the quiz told me I was Saturn.

I was just getting ready to dig into some M&Ms and thought of you and that appalling Dark Side Chocolate bag. I wonder what it would take to make you #2 on the 'George Lucas is a fuckwad' list of hits? I fear the possibilities.

Hey, I just realized commenting is actually pretty easy when you don't try to think of anything worthwhile to say...

The "you" in that last post being me.

Better than the rings of Uranus, NF.

How are you ever going to get any comments unless the topic is sex? How about "What's your number?" "The worst/best I ever had?" or "What do men look for in women anyway?"

Nah, forget it. Already been done. No comment.

5446 that's my number.

Okay. De-lurking done. Anything else? :-)

Heads up on a new American Idol controversy..... well maybe not since no one likes Scott anyways...


Bon soir! I've delurked, and now I'm off to brush my teeth. Good dental hygiene is important.

I had a comment but I lost it.

Oh wait! No... nope. That was just a piece of cheese.

I am the last of the great non-blogger commenters who were given a shot at guest blogging on the most famousest bestest most asshole blog ever.

ever I say!

OK, so I've delurked. What were you expecting - wit?

I only delurked because of the hectoring tone of the post and for what? I haven't won a prize or anything.

Must.. Lurk.. Must..not..comment.


Thank you for your support. Now back to my igloo.